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Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: Horses Wild by Iza Moreau

Horses Wild (Elodie Fontaine Mysteries)

"Again, this was another book that I loved reading from front to back. I’ll definitely want the rest of the series now. The characters are just like family to me."

When mysterious occurrences threaten to disrupt Horses Wild, a popular local riding barn, Elodie, Kelli, and Margo go undercover for The ORG to see if they can root out the problem. Margo and Kelli, who are experienced riders, hire on as working students for the barn’s owner, Macy Malloy, who is deeply involved in training a wild mustang for a national competition. Elodie, who has never ridden before, poses as the daughter of a rich family who pays handsomely for her private riding lessons.At first, the few small thefts and accidents seem to be random—maybe even coincidental—but things turn serious when Elodie is almost killed during her first riding lesson. Someone is deliberately trying to ruin not only Macy’s business, but her reputation as well. With the help of a local barn bunny named Terri, Elodie not only learns the most efficient way to clean stalls, but is able to get the lowdown on the employees and clients of the Horses Wild Ranch. Can she identify the perpetrator before someone else is hurt?Meanwhile, Elodie and Kelli’s affection for each other continues to grow and smolder almost to incandescence. With the two of them working together at Horses Wild, anything might happen.

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