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Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: Gremlins Are Malfunctioning by Susan Laine

Gremlins are Malfunctioning

"Interesting storyline that was more Syfy than paranormal. The creatures – Mythkins - were new and unique, which was a plus to the overall story. There were a few missing words here and there. It could also probably use a BDSM warning in the cover synopsis."

A year ago, supernatural creatures swarmed the earth—and ensured that human technology could no longer function without them.

Eliot Tate works for the Civilian and Environmental Protection Agency, so he's on the receiving end of customer complaints about their gas gremlins. Despite his efforts, though, he can't figure out what's wrong.

He gets help in the form of Alek Saroyan, an agent with the Mythkin Energy Research Facility, but right from the start the two men despise each other. With antagonism, the gas gremlin problem, and rising questions about mythkin sentience hanging over their heads, Eliot and Alek are going to have find their own balance if they stand any chance of restoring the balance that's been lost.

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Tags: rainbow awards 2018-2019
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