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Rainbow Awards Submissions

#307 Isabelle Adler - Ashore (Staying Afloat #2): Ashore (Staying Afloat)
#308 Geonn Cannon - Trafalgar & Boone and the Children of the Burnt Empire: Trafalgar & Boone and the Children of the Burnt Empire (Trafalgar and Boone Book 4)
#309 A.M. Leibowitz - Drumbeat: Drumbeat (Notes from Boston Book 3)
#310 Geonn Cannon - Kennel Club: Kennel Club (Underdogs Book 7)
#311 Geonn Cannon - Can You Hear Me: Can You Hear Me
#312 A.M. Leibowitz - Keeping the Faith: Keeping the Faith (Faithfully Yours Book 3)
#313 Dan Ackerman - That Doesn't Belong Here: That Doesn't Belong Here
#314 Rae D. Magdon - Lucky 7: Lucky 7
#315 S.L. Kassidy - Warrior Class – Sky Cutter: Warrior Class: Sky Cutter
#316 Pat Henshaw - Waking the Behr: Waking the Behr (Foothills Pride Book 7)
#317 Pat Henshaw - Short Order: Short Order (Foothills Pride Book 8)
#318 David Nora - Slasher Crasher: Slasher Crasher
#319 K’Anne Meinel - Inn the Dog House: Inn the Dog House
#320 K’Anne Meinel - Flight: Flight
#321 K’Anne Meinel - An Island Between Us: An Island Between Us
#322 J. Scott Coatsworth - Ithani: Ithani (The Oberon Cycle Book 3)
#323 J. Scott Coatsworth - Slow Thaw: Slow Thaw: Escape from the Holidays
#324 J. Scott Coatsworth - Migration: Migration: Queer Sci Fi's Sixth Annual Flash Fiction Contest (QSF Flash Fiction Book 5)
#325 Charlotte Mills - Payback: Payback
#326 Brandon Bagwell - American Dragon: American Dragon: A Novel

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