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Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: Too Damn Dumb to Think by Diana Wright and Bernie DeCoke

Too Damn Dumb to Think

"I loved this book. As a memoir it managed to gracefully combine the components of creative non-fiction with the structure of plot, making it a inspiring and pleasurable read without compromising the factual elements themselves. These authors managed to take a segment of a life, identifying the story within and staying true to that story."

"This was an utterly fascinating journey to watch. 😊"

Just a tiny flap of pig tissue, but such an influence in Diana’s life. She began by sewing the tissue into heart valves, moved on to engineering a new concept modifying the orifice of the valve, and finally founded a medical device manufacturing company. Her childhood on a farm, with its exposure to incessant hard work and the pain of childhood sexual abuse, instilled in her the strength and determination necessary to conquer a mystifying and debilitating illness, her husband’s attempt to take over her company, and her desires so forceful they pose threats to her very identity. Join Diana as she strives to maintain her audacious grasp on life and learns that wallowing in the mud may be necessary for a time, but staying there is not allowed.

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