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Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: Meant to be Me by Wendy Hudson

Meant to Be Me

"Well written suspenseful romantic page turning story. All of the characters are well written and intense. Highly recommended."

"Beautifully written, this taut, tense novel has the appeal of a Thriller and the lure of a Romance. Hudson does a great job of convincing us of the madness of the stalker while painting the main characters as credible in their confusion and confrontation with both good and evil. Would have liked to understand more about the antoganists’s motivation, that is, to have seen a bit more digging into the psyche. Overall a talented and intriguing execution of a compelling premise."

A compelling, slow-burning, romantic suspense that will keep you guessing right to the end.

Trying to find “The One” is never easy and engineer Darcy Harris is finding it tougher than most. It doesn’t help she’s also dealing with a shadowy stalker trying to make trouble for her. But Darcy’s determined not to let anyone ruin her life.
Her loyal best friend and boss, Anja Olsen, is stuck in a strange conundrum, forced to question who she has become and who she wants to be.
Meanwhile, stranger Eilidh Grey’s first instinct is to run fearlessly toward chaos and love. But this time she’s on a collision course with fate.

A chance meeting on a snowy bridge in Inverness, Scotland, binds all three women together, creating an unexpected, tangled, love triangle. What happens when it all unravels?

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Tags: rainbow awards 2018-2019

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