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Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: For A Glance by Dan Ackerman

For A Glance (The Serpent's Throne Trilogy Book 1)

"Fresh and original treatment of Satan as a kind of good guy who is thoughtful, discerning and far too philosophically aware of his own fall from grace to be overly arrogant. As Lucifer, he (Satan) is in charge of Hell and, apparently, Purgatory, we see and feel the heat as temptation, cruelty, carnal lust, even a kind of romance, flourish in this busy traffic hub of falls from grace. Lucifer is nothing if not Quality Control Manager of the Underworld, despite his royal status as head devil. Although most arrive because of “getting their just desserts,” a few people arrive accidently—some vague algorithmic error or mathematical discrepancy—and are being punished harshly, through no fault of their own, don’tcha know! Meanwhile, the Angels above couldn’t care less—It’s all so beneath them and they are terribly busy, you see! Still, Lucifer has to sort this out. He has, after all, a sense of fairness and justice, however ironic that may seem. In this m/m retelling of the devil-as-(once-) human mythology, the author creates a Fantasy world of oddities and yet familiarities, paradoxes and conundrums. There are parts of the Nine Circles Of Hell that almost conjure up Paradise…lost or otherwise. The novel is spooky that way, and hugely entertaining. Lucifer wants nothing so much as a boyfriend. Complete with hugs, kisses and…hotness. Amusing, thought provoking and well written. Plus cats and kittens."

This new m/m saga by Dan Ackerman expresses Ackerman's familiar languid sensitivity, sensuality, and charm, featuring Lucifer, who first appeared in What Everyone Deserves (2017 Rainbow Award honorable mention), now in his own novel.

As the king of Hell, Lucifer's role is mainly bureaucratic--sorting souls, managing unruly demons, and dealing with the politics of Heaven. A demon sneaks a human lover into Hell, leaving Lucifer conflicted, and with an opportunity for revenge against his enemies back on Earth.

Meanwhile, at a brothel, Lucifer meets Ira, a lovely gray demon. Starting a romance is difficult with his life in constant turmoil and when there are souls to save that don't want saving. Mundanity and horror mix in a sprawling, alluring hellscape.

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