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2018-2019 Rainbow Awards: Best Lesbian Historical

And the Rainbow Award goes to...

Elena Graf - Lies of Omission

Lies of Omission (Passing Rites Book 3)

"The writer captured the tone of the between-the-world-wars-era aristocratic Germany perfectly. The characters were complex and nuanced, and their story arcs compellingly told."

"I was engrossed from the very start about what happens with relationships during WWII--weather it be interpersonal or work related, with Margarithe. Wonderfully rich storytelling had me wanting for more, and I could hardly wait to start the next book in the series."

Elena Graf - Acts of Contrition

Acts of Contrition (Passing Rites Book 4)

"Full Marks, once again for the author for the excellent continuation of what happens after the war ends with Margarithe. While this book could have been a gross and detailed account of the evils that happened to Margarithe, Ms. Graf lead us through without heavy trauma which only enhanced and kept me reading until the very last word."

Jane Alden - Across A Crowded Room

Across A Crowded Room

"This story was engaging from the get-go with the vivid imagery of the opening sequence of events."

Kim Finney - Under The Microscope

Under The Microscope

"The true mark of an historical novel of this calibre is that it always stays in 'character' and allows no 21st Century 'isms' to creep in. Nor does it reduce the complexity of the language and culture of the times into something more palatable to our politically and socially 'correct' mores. This story is a thing of beauty, and I enjoyed it immensely."

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