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2018-2019 Rainbow Awards: Best Gay Fantasy

And the Rainbow Award goes to...

Xia Xia Lake - Shinigami

Shinigami: Takamagahara Monogatari Book 2

"Reading the author’s introduction, I found the premise of this story intriguing. I’m not familiar with Noh theatre or the storylines this story was based on. At the same time, the prose was so clear and sparkling that I was drawn in, in no time. It’s a beautifully structured story — the slowest of slow burns, but gorgeous through and through. Truly a delight."

"I have never felt the attraction for this type of story but I must admit, the author's writing style is one that engulfed all my senses and left me wanting more. It was a sweet story packed with a lot of feels. I wouldn't mind reading the next book for this one was a HFN."

"I enjoyed this book very much because it was so different up until the end.  I ultimately finished the last paragraph disappointed and asking "what just happened?" Love how the author built a fictional world using Japanese folklore combined with historical facts."

Angel Martinez - The Mage on the Hill

The Mage on the Hill (The Web of Arcana Book 1)

"I loved the world building in this story. It was rich and detailed, and I particularly liked the mix of magic and our world, complete with pop culture references. The magic system is very original and well thought out. I also loved the characters who complement each other, while being endearing in their own right. The story pulled me in immediately and didn’t let go until the final page, and I found the writing style very easy to read."

Dan Ackerman - For A Glance

For A Glance (The Serpent's Throne Trilogy Book 1)

"Fresh and original treatment of Satan as a kind of good guy who is thoughtful, discerning and far too philosophically aware of his own fall from grace to be overly arrogant. As Lucifer, he (Satan) is in charge of Hell and, apparently, Purgatory, we see and feel the heat as temptation, cruelty, carnal lust, even a kind of romance, flourish in this busy traffic hub of falls from grace. Lucifer is nothing if not Quality Control Manager of the Underworld, despite his royal status as head devil. Although most arrive because of “getting their just desserts,” a few people arrive accidently—some vague algorithmic error or mathematical discrepancy—and are being punished harshly, through no fault of their own, don’tcha know! Meanwhile, the Angels above couldn’t care less—It’s all so beneath them and they are terribly busy, you see! Still, Lucifer has to sort this out. He has, after all, a sense of fairness and justice, however ironic that may seem. In this m/m retelling of the devil-as-(once-) human mythology, the author creates a Fantasy world of oddities and yet familiarities, paradoxes and conundrums. There are parts of the Nine Circles Of Hell that almost conjure up Paradise…lost or otherwise. The novel is spooky that way, and hugely entertaining. Lucifer wants nothing so much as a boyfriend. Complete with hugs, kisses and…hotness. Amusing, thought provoking and well written. Plus cats and kittens."

Lisa Henry – Anhaga


"I could not put Anhaga down. Henry's style of writing just about blew me away; she's funny, complex, intriguing. I was drawn in completely by the world she created and her well developed characters. I definitely want to see more of Min, Kaz, and Harry!"

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