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2018-2019 Rainbow Awards: Lesbian Fantasy

And the Rainbow Award goes to...

Caren J. Werlinger - A Bittersweet Garden

A Bittersweet Garden

"The interwoven threads of all the characters, both past and present, are just about pitch-perfect."

"This book drew me deeply into its world so much so that I felt I was having the dreams the protagonist was having and feeling the misty rain and sparkling sunshine as she walked and rode around this new-but-familiar bit of Ireland.  It even made me want to watch the movie that’s central to it to immerse myself further into this world.  The weaving of the generations-old Irish ancestry, the fae realms, the slow and natural evolution of romance, the deep family ties, the finding one’s true self, connecting to the earth, all those elements made for an amazing journey that will stay with me."

"Well-paced, well-plotted and well-written. Imagery is vibrant, and off-sets the retreaded plot."

Kellie Doherty - Sunkissed Feather and Severed Ties

Sunkissed Feathers and Severed Ties (Broken Chronicles Book 1)

"This book had me sucked in from the moment the necklace went around her neck. Sometimes in these types of stories the characters names can get on my nerves a bit, but I loved the story overall. I’ll more than likely buy more of this series."

"When I started reading the book I was worried it would be difficult to follow it due to the all world created and how many infos seemed needed to understand how their society worked, but the author was able to balance well the infos needed within an exciting plot. This book definitely left me with the curiosity to see what's come next. And that's pretty much the best thing that can happens when you start a new series."

Benny Lawrence - Beggar’s Flip

Beggar's Flip

"I chuckled when I realized I'd started reading this story on 'Talk like a Pirate Day'. There was enough exposition on what had happened in the previous book to enable me to catch up easily. The characters, both main and secondary, as well as the plot, were grounded and real, and the occasional hints of melodrama were perfect ... it was a pirate story after all."

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