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2018-2019 Rainbow Awards: Best Gay Historical

And the Rainbow Award goes to...

Tanya Chris - Predestination Unknown

Predestination Unknown

"I am an avid fan of time travel stories and this one didn't disappoint. I'm so glad to have read this wonderful story where one young man goes back in time and saves the lives of so many people proclaimed as witches. It was quite entertaining and it kept me wanting to read more, especially at the end of the story! Why, oh, why did it have to end! I really hope Ms. Tanya will write more stories like this."

"While almost always a lighthearted read, Predestination Unknown tackles a lot of serious subjects, yet never loses sight of the fact it's a love story. I really enjoyed getting to know Luther and Ezekiel. Their romance is super sweet and I loved the way things worked out for them. The author manages to wrap up the plot satisfactorily while giving both characters what they want, almost without compromise. A challenge well met."

"A clever premise and attention to historical detail help build a time-travel romance with urgency and purpose. A fun, fast read that puts a new spin on Puritans, Salem, and the witch trials."

Daniel M. Jaffe - Yeled Tov

Yeled Tov

"Excellent coming of age story that follows a young Jewish man struggling with his sexuality, self-loathing, vivid imagination and fear of rejection while at college against the backdrop of the 1970's. Deeply moving and a transformative story for all readers, regardless of age, gender, or sexuality."

"This book is an absolutely gorgeous coming of age story. Jake's struggle to be a good man and a devout Jew as he wrestled with the realization that he's homosexual is a beautiful, sometimes devastating, but ultimately a hopeful journey to self-acceptance. It was the perfect balance of bittersweet, funny, and insightful. I highly recommend this novel. "

Stephan Knox - Anáil Dhragain (Dragon's Breath)

Anáil Dhragain: (Dragon's Breath) (The Pendhragains Book 1)

"This was a very good book. Thank you for the opportunity to read it."

"A story with a good pace, interesting characters, and plenty of twists to keep me entertained to the end."

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