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2018-2019 Rainbow Awards: Best Gay Alternative Universe/Reality & Sci-Fi / Futuristic

And the Rainbow Award goes to...

M.D. Neu - Conviction (A New World #2)

Conviction (A New World Book 2)

"I loved this story. It was fortunate that I had already read the first book Contact, as this next installment flows seamlessly into the next section of the tale. Todd is the perfect 'everyman'. I completely connected with the character, and Neu had me turning pages wanting to discover how he fairs in his precarious new position as an emissary to an alien race, and in his burgeoning new interspecies romance! There are a lot of parallels here to be tied to our current world, which made the book even more appealing, and without being preachy, really sent home the message of kindness, love, bravery and doing what's right. I highly recommend not only the book but the series."

" I read this book in one session. A well rounded sci-fi story that I could imagine as a movie. "

"The two books in this series are easily among the best books I've read in 2019. They have everything I want from a Sci-Fi book. An emotional rollercoaster with twists and turns and world building. They are excellently written."

M.D. Neu - Contact (A New World #1)

Contact (A New World Book 1)

"This is a well written story and pulled me in from the beginning. i like sci fi stories that keep me wondering and this is just what Contact does. Can’t wait to see what happens in book two."

"An excellent book that I'd highly recommend to readers of the genre it had me laughing crying and praying for the characters. A book I thought about often for a long time after I'd read it."

J. Scott Coatsworth - The Stark Divide

The Stark Divide (Liminal Sky)

"This book is three stories about mostly the same people divided by time, but the settings in each were so starkly different that, by the end, the settings were characters themselves. Each was a complete and unique world with intimate details drawing the reader in. The fantastical notions that populated them made them places I wanted to explore. I hope the author will continue to evolve this world much as Anne McCaffery did with Pern. My only critique of to this book is that when someone was going to do something bad, they were written as a bad person without sympathy, and good people were just good. A little predictable, though very nicely fleshed out otherwise. I like a little more nuance and complexity. However, it’s an excellent read."

"A highly recommended SF read, it was a totally gripping read. The world building and descriptions of technology were very  interesting and well done to avoid bogging down the story. The characters were fascinating."

Arshad Ahsanuddin - Ascension

Ascension (The Interscission Project Book 5)

"It’s great to read a fabulous sci-fi story with a romping plot."

"This author weaves complex storylines into a novel that keeps the reader guessing at every turn."

Books in the top 25% rate range

C.C. Bridges - Angels Rising

Angels Rising (Heaven Corp Book 3)

"An absolute gem of a book. The world-building is detailed and the author has created a unique and inventive society. The story flows really well with plenty of tension and surprises along the way. I was invested in the MCs and rooting for their 'happy ever after' and I enjoyed this book so much that I shall be buying the earlier books in the series."

Pelaam - Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields

"Oh goodness…I was in awe of the vivid descriptions of the automatons, of Nathan & Nicholas’ struggles & inner strength, the steampunk nature meeting danger & sinister dealings. It was wonderful and I couldn’t stop turning the pages!"

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