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2018-2019 Rainbow Awards: Best Gay Paranormal Romance

And the Rainbow Award goes to...

Jackie North - Honey From the Lion

Honey From the Lion: A Love Across Time Story

"This is my favorite type of story to read. Jackie North has, with her fabulous pen/keyboard, transported me to a wonderful world. I felt the chill Laurie felt, felt the frustrations John felt, and mostly, felt the love that slowly (although all within a week) grew between the two men. This was totally enjoyable and recommend it for anyone who loves reading about time travel. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the antics of these two precious beings. I will be checking out the rest of the series and will most definitely be reading this one again and again. Bravo, Jackie!"

"I stumbled with the first few chapters, having a hard time settling into the story, but then absolute magic happened. I could not put this book down. I was swept back in time to 1891 when life was far simpler and yet dangerously harsh. The arrogance of Laurie and gruffness of John made for realistically flawed characters. The 'ghost' story at the beginning set the stage incredibly well - you knew what was coming and it hooked me in with a desperate need to keep turning the pages to see how this would all end. PS - Not the way you think, but in every way you hope. Brilliant. Ms. North goes onto my 'auto-buy' list."

"I love the time travel aspect of this story.  The historical side of it felt very realistic, was wonderfully detailed, and very easy to visualise. I enjoyed the contrast between the reality of the past, and the way it was portrayed in the present. I loved both Laurie and John’s journey as they slowly opened up to each other, and Laurie’s shift from needing to get home to the present, to his realisation that his future was in the past with John.  The author’s writing style is very easy to read, flows well, and kept me turning pages to find out what happened next."

"I know I don’t give 40 often, but this one drew me in from the very first line and held me until the last. I’m more than likely going to add it to my favourites list. And then track down more of this author."

E.J. Russell - Single White Incubus (Supernatural Selection #1)

Single White Incubus (Supernatural Selection Book 1)

"When I read the blurb, I wasn’t very excited about reading the book itself. But the story surprised and enchanted me so much that I not only bought a copy, but I’m reading the second in the series right now. The characters of the gregarious bear shifter and the introverted, fussy incubus were so well drawn that they transcended fantasy and became very real to me. The paranormal dating agency mix-up, while laughably ludicrous, was the right touch of silliness to give the story a light touch. That the story was so well-written that it flowed easily meant it became one of those books that’s nearly impossible to put down. All in all, what looked on the surface as a long, difficult reading task was in reality a delightful experience. Thank you!"

"So glad I made sure to read these last two books in order by the same author. Very fun read with exciting characters. The conflict was very realistic in concern to a mixed-match couple who found what they needed instead of what they thought they wanted."

"This was a super fun, very cute, quick read. It's not often Bear Shifters get good representation, but Russell did a commendable job with Ted. I wasn't sure about Quentin's character, but I grew to like him. I did find the incubus demon culture was an interesting take, and I loved Pauline, the grandmother. Plowed through this book in two days. Definitely a page-turner! Loved seeing David and Alun from Cutie and the Beast in this story too. It's great when other characters are pulled in."

Tara Lain - Hidden Powers

Hidden Powers (Superordinary Society Book 1)

"What a fantastic story! Tara once again takes us on a roller coaster ride with this tale of magic and adventure. I loved and enjoyed reading all the different characters and their peculiar, tight-knit family-like lives. The romance is sweet and all in all, the book is quite entertaining. As I've previously said, Tara has never let me down."

"There was so much to love about this book. Best story from start to finish. Fast-paced and entertaining."

Books in the top 25% rate range

Sara Dobie Bauer - Escaping Exile

Escaping Exile (The Escape Trilogy Book 1)

"This was an awesome read! Very fast paced and interesting to see what element would or could ruin the newfound happiness of an exiled Vampire in need of a lesson."

Jackie North - Wild as the West Texas Wind

Wild as the West Texas Wind: A Love Across Time Story

"A lovely gentle western, well written and lovely characterisation."

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