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2018-2019 Rainbow Awards: Best Lesbian Contemporary and Erotic Romance & Romantic Suspence

And the Rainbow Award goes to...

Jeannie Levig - A Heart to Call Home

A Heart to Call Home

"Wonderfully written book with a cast of characters that you feel like you know. Not only the MC’s but the supporting players too. As I was reading I could feel the raw emotions felt by both Dakota and Jessica. The author kept me enthralled throughout the entire story. Definitely a winner."

"We romance-lovers love romance because we know we’re going to get an HEA at the end. Some people might think this makes the writer’s job easy, but in reality, it poses a difficult question: how can you write a story that’s so intense that a reader can’t possibly see how it will work out for the MCs in the end, even though the reader knows that it will? Because this intensity and uncertainty — uncertainty in the face of the certain HEA that the reader knows is coming — is what makes it a great story. This is that kind of story. The setup presents two engaging and thoroughly relatable MCs with seemingly insurmountable internal and external difficulties, then lets them muddle through them. And it works brilliantly. On top of this, there are several clever and heartwarming subplots. All in all, it’s a brilliantly written and thoroughly satisfying romance. Brava!"

"An elegant, accessible and sure-handed writing style supports a well-designed plot with multi-dimensional characters and a Sophie’s Choice of conflicting emotions and difficult decisions. This is a page-turner in the true sense of the word, and it pulls you forward on its momentum of real feelings and compelling dialog. Levig hits all the reader’s buttons and takes one along on a ride that is both sensually breath taking and smoothly heart-wrenching. The resolution is most satisfying because the author is a master storyteller."

Geonn Cannon - Can You Hear Me

Can You Hear Me

"A bloody good story. It would make an awesome movie."

"Loved this story. From start to finish the author kept my interest in all aspects of the storyline. The characters are well written and  he makes you invested in the outcome between them. Setting was unique in certain aspects and really made me feel like I was sitting in the locations being described."

"This is a great read. I loved it right from the start and it offer not only an interesting plot but also a very unusual one. It is difficult to find books that surprise me, and this definitely surprised me in the best way possible. I appreciated how atypical this story is and how easily kept me totally engaged in the story from start to end. This may be easily one of my favourite book of 2019. Really really really good!"

C.J. Murphy - Frame by frame

frame by frame

"Loved this one from start to finish. I felt drawn into the story. Loved the character and how they both struggled with coming to terms with their fears. Great supporting cast as well."

"I loved this story! Very sweet and well written."

"This novel started out with a bang: immediately the setting was so rich and the characters that inhabited it were so unique and complex that I was sucked right in. The existing relationships between Val and Laurel, Ree, and the rest of the Cool Springs denizens were subtle and engrossing, and had me so curious over the back story between them all, how they met and where they were going. I was engrossed. I loved Val: equal parts unapologetic and reclusive, she had a fragility that pulled me in but a strength that just got more and more fascinating the more I learned about her. While I feel the pacing suffers a bit toward the end when certain plot revelations were given over more to exposition than the detailed and considered encounters I had become used to, by that time, I was so in love with the characters that I was more interested in finding out how their story finished. Contrasting Laurel's internal struggles with what might be against Val's external and internal struggles with what came before was genius and very effective. Thank you for a lovely read about acceptance and love!"

Lynn Ames - Chain Reactions

Chain Reactions

"I really enjoyed this book. It was a breath of fresh air. Ms. Ames does not put out a plethora of books, but the ones she does put out are well thought out and a joy to read."

"Great storytelling. Well written characters that you got to know in depth. Loved Nora and wished I could have known her better. Settings spot on. Felt a little sluggish in some spots but overall an awesome read."

"Great book! I was deeply moved by this story and love to read about strong, intelligent female characters. I cried big ugly tears!"

Books in the top 25% rate range

Jeannie Levig - A Wish Upon a Star

A Wish Upon a Star

"A wonderfully engaging love story, featuring two believable, likable middle-aged women."

"Loved this heartwarming unique story. Had some moments that made me laugh out loud too. The author nailed the autism arc spot on. I liked how Erica and Leslie figure out how to make it work and how Sienna responds to a new person in her life."

"I just really enjoyed this story, from the opening paragraph right to the very end."

Heather Blackmore - It's Not a Date

It's Not a Date

" I had already read this one and went to refresh myself with the story and ended up rereading the whole book again. Totally enjoyed it. Loved the 2 MC’s Kade and Jen and both of their vulnerabilities. Also loved the relationship between Holly and Kade. Interesting story arc. "

"This book hit a little close to home for me… my mother suffers with dementia. The story itself was pretty good."

"Excellent romance with a convincing setting and great character development."

Clare Ashton - The Goodmans

The Goodmans

"This was my 1 st Claire Ashton book and it won’t be my last. The writing is wonderful and the characters, all of them are written superbly. I felt I got to know each and everyone. She made me feel like part of the family drawing me into the story itself. The plot line was complex but each piece of the story was integral to the whole."

"The Goodmans was total „reading bliss“. I had to laugh was near tears, had „deep thoughts", the whole gamut of emotions was addressed. A rom com where you can see disaster looming and the author turns the right corner with tongue-in-cheek. The characters are revealed layer by layer and the writing was superb. The whole package of goodness is wrapped up in this book."

Jae - Just for Show

Just for Show

" This is a fresh take on a familiar setup. The characters are likable, and although as a romance, we all know how it’s going to end, I was never sure *how* the characters were going to get there. The writing and storytelling sparkle. Really well done."

"This story sucked me in right from the get go. I loved it all."ù

"A thoroughly enjoyable fake relationship romance. A fun read und perfectly written."

Suzie Carr - The Curvy Side of Life

The Curvy Side of Life

"I enjoyed this story very much. Characters were funny and well fleshed out. Totally can relate to Faith and her journey Easy read attributed to the writing style. Only down side was it was a little wordy in some spots."

"I found this story full of angst and drama. One of those that you don’t know how it will end until it ends. The premise was solid as was the setting. It was a gripping story and an enjoyable read."

Jae - Paper Love

Paper Love

"Awesome book. I loved learning a bit about Germany through this story. Well written with great main and supporting characters. Anja and Susanne fit very well together."

"This was an alright story but it was hard to get into. It did flow well and could have been great if it was a bit faster paced."

"Another on of Jae‘s great romances. Set in one of the cutest towns in Germany."

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