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2018-2019 Rainbow Awards: Best Gay Contemporary Romance & Romantic Comedy

And the Rainbow Award goes to...

Taylor Fitzpatrick - Thrown Off the Ice

Thrown Off the Ice

"This story left my heart aching. I was left aching for Liam, who, from the very beginning felt a strong attraction toward Mike. These two characters were perfect together even through the rough patches they encountered, mostly because of Mike wanting to protect Liam from what he knew was going to be a broken heart. Wonderfully written, the plot moved smoothly. Surely one of the best stories I've had the pleasure of reading. I Loved it!"

"I loved this book! The storyline was tight and driven but complex on so many levels and emotional. It had me laughing, grunting in frustration,  and ultimately crying. The author clearly took the time to develop both characters to an extent far beyond the surface."

Morningstar Ashley - Risking It All

Risking It All (A Begin Again Novel Book 2)

"I got sucked into the lives of Danny and Jaden. They equally broke my heart and made me love them as I lived their lives with them. I actually wished the book was longer."

"I liked the story. Great premise and likeable characters."

Amy Lane – Crocus

Crocus (Bonfires Book 2)

"One word sums up this book, the second in the series, for me: family. The warmth, love and support the members of this fairly new family feel for and offer each other through their dark times permeates this book. I wish I'd had a dad like Larx; what a wonderful human being. Amy Lane has created a real page-turner of a romance, so much so that I've had to buy the first in the series to read more."

"I loved the theme of blending and creating family, although the complexities made it harder to stay really connected with so many characters. Still, I loved seeing two older guys falling further in love despite all the obstacles their busy lives can throw at them."

Books in the top 25% rate range

Tara Lain - Home Improvement — A Love Story

Home Improvement — A Love Story

"What a wonderful, romantic, awesome, well written and a treat this was to read! I loved these characters, especially Gabe with his patience and understanding, his daughter, Ellie, for being such an awesome teen, and of course, Jerry, for his shyness and all his fears. I'm so glad that, in the end, everything worked out for this lovable couple. I have always enjoyed reading Tara's works."
"This book is part of a series and can be read as a stand alone however after reading this book i will be looking for the other books. I loved the characters and the story itself had me turning the pages to see how everything would play out."

"Great single dad story. I am a fan of Ms. Lain’s and always try to get her books. So glad i was given the chance to read this one."

L.A. Witt - Rabi and Matthew

Rabi and Matthew

"This was fantastic! The story emphasizes on the idea that no matter who you are, no matter your status, race, financial, or otherwise, the heart wants what the heart wants. In this case, two young men from two political rival families. They feel an attraction before they realize who the other one is and they fight against the current to remain friends, then lovers. They fight for their freedom to love one another, in spite of the hatred and rivalry amongst siblings and parents. This was well written and quite enjoyable."

Tara Lain - High Balls

High Balls (Balls to the Wall Book 5)

"Loved this story! Very sweet romance of characters that you think would be total opposites from appearances. Engaging from the start. Romance, sweetness and just the right amount of angst."

Tara Lain - Love You So Special

Love You So Special (The Love You So Stories Book 3)

"The characters were the real highlight of this well-plotted story. They were three-dimensional and believable, and fit so well together. The plot was excellent as well — a familiar setup, but executed so uniquely and well. I very much enjoyed this one."

"Ms. Lain has never, not once, let me down. Oh, how I enjoyed reading and in my mind 'listening' to and about the classical music portrayed in this story! I loved Francois, his shyness, his fear of being in public (I really relate to him), and the sweetness within him. I also loved Artie's strength, his gentleness and the love he developed toward Francois. I wish to read more of these two enjoyable characters. Keep 'em coming, Tara!"

Kelly Wyre – Fight


"Good characters. Good plotting. Nice solid transformations at the end. Very satisfying. And really good sex writing, too."

"On the face of it, this book was a spate of clichés. There was the repressed closet case, the golden-hearted thug, the benevolent father figure, the scheming fiancée, the amazon warrior sister, there were drugs, abuse, violence, shady pasts and even shadier characters, explosions, fire, blood and death. And yet, all this worked together to make a compelling whole,  due in no small part to the wonderful depiction of characters. None of them was cardboard, each had layers and depths that were a joy to discover. Add to that the main character's incredible growth to finding their true selves and a writing style that, while redundant at times, really appealed to me, and this was a win for me. "

L.A. Witt - The Husband Gambit

The Husband Gambit

Hayden Somerset is convinced the ad is a joke, but he responds anyway because, hello, $1.2 million. He’s broke, living in a tiny apartment with two roommates, and exhausted from praying his ancient car survives just one more week. His skyrocketing rent and crushing student loans aren’t helping either. At this point, there isn’t much Hayden wouldn’t do for that kind of cash.

E.J. Russell - Mystic Man

Mystic Man (States of Love Book 40)

"Mystic Man is part of a publisher's collection emphasising geographical location, and the setting of this story is beautifully depicted - the author offers lots of great detail taking the reader on a virtual tour (Cody's an awesome tour guide). I appreciated the emphasis on friendship for the first part of the book, with the dual point-of-view narration providing insights into Aaron and Cody's mutual attraction. I really liked the characters, although I have to say, Kaya's telling of Amelia Earhart's accomplishments totally stole the story."

"The love story between Aaron and Cody evolved organically in a way that made me long to move, like Aaron did, somewhere that no one knew me just to see what sort of magic would happen.  The adventure wasn't just believable, the author made it desirable.  All the bits and details came together haphazardly, never seeming contrived.  I was a bit sad when the story ended because I wanted to see the guys evolve into full married bliss."

Jodi Payne & B.A. Tortuga – Wrecked


The call comes when Beckett Adler least expects it. He’s made a new life for himself in Vermont and has a law practice of his own. After four years he’s even stopped wearing his wedding ring. So when he finds out his husband, bull rider Skyler Paulson, has been seriously injured at an event, he isn’t sure what he wants to do. He knows what’s right though, so he heads down to Baltimore to bring his man home.

Kim Fielding - A Full Plate

A Full Plate (Dreamspun Desires)

"This was truly a fun read. So many times through the story I tried to convince Tully to think of the life he'd have with Sage in a small town oppose to a life as a rich man in a large city where no one actually knows anyone. I'm so glad he 'listened' to me. LOL I really loved the outcome of their lives. Wonderful story and highly recommended!"

Kim Fielding - The Little Library

The Little Library

"I have always enjoyed Ms. Fielding's stories and this one kept me entertained just as much as the ones before. It's a wonderful story. Sweet, romantic and full of compassion, although there's the issue of the homophobic neighbor, which I think was portrayed quite well. Looking forward to more amazing stories from this amazing author!"

L.A. Witt - Wash Out

Wash Out (Anchor Point Book 7)

"Good characterization of PTSD, losing your career or dream, and a gay friendly dream work place for people with PTSD. Number 7 in a series, each with a different couple. I would guess that more of the setting is done in the earlier books. HFN ending."

"This was another strong entry in L.A. Witt’s Anchor Point series. Logan and Casey have demons that clash: Logan is no longer in the military (he’s a contractor on the base) and still suffers from severe PTSD; Casey’s still in the navy but washed out of SEAL training because of an injury. Logan thinks Casey’s lucky not to have combat-related stress, but Casey resents losing the only thing he ever wanted. How the two men come together to help each other cope with their issues is delivered in L.A.’s trademark clean and snappy prose, with a good dose of banter, and plenty of heat."W

Eli Easton - Family Camp

Family Camp: Daddy Dearest, Book 1

"This was a fun read. I truly enjoyed reading the couple's smooth romance, how their interest in each other developed, and especially the kids, each with their own 'disability' and how a strong family unit became strong. Wonderful story and I highly recommend it!"

A.M. Leibowitz – Drumbeat

Drumbeat (Notes from Boston Book 3)

" I'm a huge fan of queer ensembles, particularly when those include bi characters. Diverse relationships (romantic/aromantic) and some fairly heavy stuff give this novel incredible depth. The three central characters are very well drawn, and there's also an excellent cast of supporting characters - covering most of the rainbow."W

C.S. Poe - Color of You

Color of You

Bowen Merlin— yes, that’s his real name—accepts a position in the quaint town of Lancaster, New Hampshire, as the high school band director. He leaves New York City for the snowy countryside of New England just in time for the holidays. With class, homework, after-school activities, and a surprise Christmas concert to plan and rehearse, Bowen is plenty busy. And since he’s never had much luck with romance, factoring in time to find Mr. Right isn’t a priority….

E. Davies - Hard Hart

Hard Hart: A Hart's Bay Novel

"What I like most about this story is the relationship between Jesse and Finn. I really get why they like each other. It develops organically and never feels forced, and it progresses nicely in terms of each character’s individual hang-ups and fears. The side characters are introduced smoothly. I feel like I’m getting to know the core group for this series, and it never feels like a set-up, just a very natural progression. POV is well-delineated; I am always very clear about whose head I am in, even without the chapter titles to tell me, and I enjoy seeing through each character’s eyes. Though I feel just a little bit overdosed on the sex scenes, I really like how well they are written; the heart comes through, and the sensual care they take with each other, as well as the emotional development of their bond. Bravo! I would definitely read more in this series!"

L.A. Witt - Bouncing Back

Bouncing Back (Wilde's Book 10)

"Loved reading this! The relationship between Samir and Elliot is simply sweet. I loved the protectiveness Elliot had for his lover, the sweetness and gentleness he treated him with, and the way Samir fell head over heels for Elliot. Quite entertaining and worth the read. I'd always loved Ms. Witt's stories and will always be searching for more."

Marguerite Labbe - A Little Side of Geek (Geek Life #1)

A Little Side of Geek (1) (Geek Life)

"I don't usually go for the geeky, game con genre, but I must admit, this was such a treat to read! It was a fun, quirky story that left me simply satisfied when I reached the end. The characters were sweet, the story could pass as real-life events. I adored Morris in his kilt and the shy Theo with all the responsibilities dumped on him when his parents died and he tried to do as much as he possibly could for his teen brother. Excellent story from an author I truly admire."

Marguerite Labbe - A Whole Latte Sass (Geek Life #2)

A Whole Latte Sass (Geek Life Book 2)

It’s no secret cosplayer Felipe Suero is looking for his happily ever after—in his love life as well as his career. He’s getting his degree so he can quit his miserable job and start his own costume business. Now he just needs to land the sexiest silver fox to ever attend a con.

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