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2018-2019 Rainbow Awards: Best Asexual Debut Book

And the Rainbow Award goes to...

Ava Kelly - Havesskadi


"Fabulous world building and mythology, I would like to more about the red dragon and how the anasketts corrupted her. The settings were full of imagery and atmosphere, particularly the castle and I really liked the writing style - no massive info dumps here. I really wanted to rate this book higher because I enjoyed the story, but I kept coming back to the fact that almost half the story was about 2 characters who hardly talk to each other and hid things from each other, with little character development at this point and I was left feeling disappointed at the end. I would've liked to see Arkeva and Orsie discovering new things together outside the castle."

Evelyn Benvie - Something To Celebrate

Something to Celebrate: Escape from the Holidays

"This book…you could almost taste the wind, the spirits, feel the intense loneliness of Niko and Fan, as they deal separately and together of what it means to be together and yet true to their own sense of self. The fact that Niko is Demiand Fan is a winter spirit added to the magic in this book, and actually have a HEA of which I approve."

Kail Muse – Homeplanet


Centuries ago Earth was declared a dead planet and humanity was left with a cluster of space stations called the Human Colonies. Now a power shortage could lose them their home all over again. Desperate not to let that happen, they turn to the kyni for help. One of the most powerful species in the known universe, the kyni are the only ones with both the power and the ability to fuel the Human Colonies. Though Calder has never heard anything good about them, he accepts a job as a bodyguard, determined to guarantee his brother will have a home. If he has to work for terrifying, heartless aliens to do that, so be it. But when the kyni arrive, they're nothing at all what anyone expects...

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