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2018-2019 Rainbow Awards: Best LGBTA Debut Book

And the Rainbow Award goes to...

Dorian Graves - Bones and Bourbon

Bones and Bourbon

"This is a great story that wraps you up in its story. The author does a wonderful job in creating a world that we know, but is completely new. The characters are charming, relatable and intelligent. If you are looking for a fun read this is it."

"Graves takes the reader on an unimaginable and creative quest with killer unicorns, huldras and furaribis. The story's landscape is surreal and otherworldly just like Alice's tumble through the rabbit hole. If you're looking for action, adventure and a story about the Fae that is completely different, you have to put this on your reading list. Remarkable!"

R. Zamora Linmark - The Importance of Being Wilde at Heart

The Importance of Being Wilde at Heart

"I have never read a story written quite like The Importance of Being Wilde at Heart. Part haiku, part list, part prose, part conversations with Oscar Wilde... loved it. The setting and characters were natural, realistic, and the story was poignantly relatable. A work of art!"

"Absolutely charming first love story with the writings (and life) of Oscar Wilde as its blueprint and alter ego. The writer’s fresh and tender approach to gender, love, irony and lust makes this book read almost like a long poem. Moves along at a great pace, comes complete with a second-string of good friends, and credibly resonates with all the pathos, comedy and poetry of first love. The author knows his craft and certainly knows a great deal about Oscar Wilde. Highly recommended."

Rory Power - Wilded Girls

Wilder Girls

"A most beautiful horror story! The writing is sublime and complex and purposefully precise. The characters—none like them! Comparisons were made to a female Lord of the Flies, but the closer comparison is a Wilkie Collins gothic horror story with overtures of romance, but of the f/f variety. Layered and yet cryptic in places, the book is a wonderful, ugly ride until the end. The abruptness of the ending, while not a true cliffhanger, might merit a couple points penalty in some minds, but the overall opus deserves the highest score. Expect more and fabulous from this debut author!"

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