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2018-2019 Rainbow Awards: Best Asexual Book

And the Rainbow Award goes to...

R.A. Steffan - The Complete Lion Mistress Collection

The Complete Lion Mistress Collection: A WhyChoose Fantasy Romance

"A completely immersive read with excellent world-building and great attention to detail: the corrupt society, the viciousness of people's actions, the compassion of new friends and the love found between our 3 heroes and also Favian's adopted family. The characters were well fleshed out: their future motivations clear, based upon past events and their current situations. I adored Kathrael, such an unconventional but completely believable heroine who well deserved her HEA."

"This trilogy was beyond good. It delved into a mystical medieval time, with fantastic world building. The characters were strong, their voices unique, and the story intriguing and satisfying at the end. Incredible trilogy. Characters are so deep and world building is amazing."

"R.A. Steffan does it again with another wonderful story, once again populated by dynamic characters and (very exciting) a reverse harem relationship. It mixes fantasy with romance, but is much darker in tone than the Horse Mistress stories, although that darkness makes it more powerful."

"This was an excellent polyamorous romance story, with beautiful characters and dynamics that I greatly enjoyed, set in a fascinating and engaging world. I loved it!"

Jae - Perfect Rhythm

Perfect Rhythm

" I love stories where the main characters start out in a place of opposition. The characters here, like in so many of Jae’s books, are really well drawn, three-dimensional, and so, so likeable. It’s a good, meaty plot as well. Fantastic book."

"I found myself pulled into the novel—the characters where believable. I really liked how the story flowed from beginning to end."

Ava Kelly - Havesskadi


"Fabulous world building and mythology, I would like to more about the red dragon and how the anasketts corrupted her. The settings were full of imagery and atmosphere, particularly the castle and I really liked the writing style - no massive info dumps here. I really wanted to rate this book higher because I enjoyed the story, but I kept coming back to the fact that almost half the story was about 2 characters who hardly talk to each other and hid things from each other, with little character development at this point and I was left feeling disappointed at the end. I would've liked to see Arkeva and Orsie discovering new things together outside the castle."

Sam Burns - Strike Up the Band

Strike Up the Band (Wilde Love Book 3)

"This book was an absolute joy to read. When I'm judging for these awards, I try to keep a little outside of the story so that I can make notes on my reading experience. It was impossible with this story: it grabbed me immediately and sucked me right in. I was invested in the characters so quickly it was a shock, but a welcome one. I didn't want to stop reading. The writing is top notch, both lyrical and uncomplicated; the plot proceeds so seamlessly, everything that occurs is organic, and the pacing is perfect; there is nothing forced or contrived about any of the characters or events. Elsi and Alex are unique and well-developed characters, Jake's grief and self-realizations are thoughtfully explored, and Brian's juxtaposition of self-chastisement and self-confidence is just beautiful. His kindness and his willingness to roll with what everyone else needs, entangled with the fragility of desperately needing to fit in, to do what's right, is lovely. The look into the world of touring and recording, of the almost... loss of control over one's own life/identity while in the entertainment business, was interesting and never overpowering the real reason we are here: the exploration of family, of healing, and of self. Full marks."

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