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2020-2021 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: The Rise of Virginie

The Rise of Virginie by Katey Hawthorne

Delving into the topic of addiction without getting raising some people's hackles is no easy task, but Ms. Hawthorne dealt with it with care and finesse. It's clear the author did extensive research and was spot on where the opioids epidemic is concerned. In the US, so many lives are lost and the ones left behind, in this case, the woman's son, are left broken. This is a fantastic tale of suffering, pain, awakening, and in the end, success and much-needed Love. Opposites attract: Han, an Asian boy adopted into a religious family. Stefan, a neglected, homeless, and abused son of an opioids addicted mother. One would never think these two, coming from different backgrounds would fall in love. I was glad to see how they came together, along with Megan, to form an alliance and eventually a successful band of their own. The writing was smooth and the plot strong. Totally enjoyable story with strong characters.


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