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2020-2021 Rainbow Awards Honorable Mention: Shadow of Justice

Shadow of Justice by Jess Faraday

While technically an anthology, this book could also be viewed as a novel with eight longish chapters. Each short story is a murder-mystery, complete in itself, but with the same detective main character throughout. The plot of each mystery is intricate and intriguing, and kept me guessing and on the edge of my seat! I mention the "novel view" because the development of the main character is an arc that spans the eight stories, and we intimately see and feel his growth as he struggles with forces both external and internal. The secondary characters are also drawn with depths that make them vividly real. And speaking of reality, the author's attention to setting drew me in to the point I felt I was actually walking around in 19th-century London, Cornwall, and Edinburgh! I had not heard of this author before, but there's no question: I will read her entire backlist as time allows.


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