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iDo by Willa Okati

Guy and Cameron are the perfectly happy gay couple since the marriage issue breaks between them. Guy eavesdrops a chat between two colleague and realizes that the two women don't consider his relationship with Cameron steady since they are not "married". And since Guy is sure to love Cameron, and he is sure to want to be with the man forever, he makes his proposition not knowing that trying to organize a marriage in two weeks is nearly impossible. On the other hand, Cameron, the last bachelor in the family after all his married sister, knows better and he is not so happy to the prospect; but he himself loves Guy and so he accepts to make a try.

As expected more the fatal day is near, more problems arise between Guy and Cameron, to the point that they question their love and the steadiness of their relationship.

The story is pretty short, less than 60 pages, and I have almost the feeling that Guy and Cameron are not a "new" pair... I have the feeling that for Willa Okati this little story is almost a epilogue, the "what happens next" an happily ever after of a longer story... This is actually a spin off story of the two novels by Willa Okati, The Name of the Game and It's How You Play the Game, and both Seth and Clay, and Tony without Roan, make a brief cameo appearance.

Both Guy than Cameron are not much develop as characters, we only have a fast impression and some bit of information about them. Cameron seems an happy-to-go guy, the classical beach boy with a positive attitude toward life and a perennial grin in his face; he is funny but also tender and caring, very handsome but more a cuddling type rather than a clubbing animal. Guy is the "straight" and right of the two, the responsible one; probably he is the one who makes the shopping list and remembers to pay the bills.

Again the story has not the feeling of a short story. It has a whole world developed, a bunch of worthy supporting characters... Actually I don't know if I would like to have more on the story before or after, or maybe this is the real strenght of the story as it's, the fact that in only 60 pages I'm so involved with the characters that I'm feeling like I don't want to let them go.


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