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Deep Cover by Clare London

I was not sure to read this short story when it came out... true, it drew my attention since one of the main characters is named Elisa, with the italian spelling of the name :-), but this is also the big problem... There is a female main character and this means that this is a cheating story, or so I supposed. And from the blurb, I also understood that Elisa is a likeable character and so I was not at all convinced to read a story where a man cheats on her, even if the man has all his right reasons to do that.

But I was surprised. The story is far less angst than expected, Elisa is a very nice character, but actually there is not a real cheating on her. I can't say more since the story is 16 pages long, and so it's easy to give it out with too much details. Let me only say that, if you have my same problems with cheating men or menages, in this story you wouldn't find any of it.

Max and Elisa are friends; they are not actually engaged, but it seems only a question of time. In this moment Elisa is following the last details of a party in Max's house and everyone is expecting that they will announce the date. While Elisa is supervising the main floor, Max is in the wine cellar, screwing Ryan, a fellow officer and long date lover.

The story is pretty original, with Elisa's monologue that give us all the details of the three characters' life and counterpoint Max and Ryan's sexual intercourse. The three characters are at three different level of awareness: Max has just reached a decision, Elisa will reach that during the tale, and Ryan is still at the starting point; and so, even if Elisa is not the odd woman out of the couple, she has a strong voice, and she is somewhat more interesting than Ryan.


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