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Man Candy Day: Vincent Palazzolo

All right, sometime I'm fascinated by ethereal looking guys in black and white pictures, and sometime I stumble accross two hot looking guys and I can only raise my hand and say "I surrender!". The photos below are outrageous, excessive and sexy as hell! Be warned, absolutely not work safe.

Photographer Justin Monroe realized his photo booth fantasy for his latest successful book Down The Rabbit Hole, having his models Vincent and Mitchell really heating things up.

21 Years old Vincent Palazzolo (red swimsuit above, the one with the very delectable... ehm, well it's obvious isn't it?) from Bainbridge Island and now Los Angeles’ resident, is an acrobat. He is also one lucky guy, because he got the chance to work with the talented Los Angeles based photographer, and because this project paired him with the equally hot Mitchell. But that was not really a coincident. Vincent explains: "I met Justing after reaching out to him over email when I saw Nic Haas' (on the cover of the book) photos from Justin. I most willingly offered my services as an acrobat to any of his up and coming projects. To my extreme surprise Justin mailed me back almost instantly. He invited me to do the 'Down the Rabbit Hole' shoot with Jessica Rabbit (Alice) and Dwain (the black bunny). After that shoot I told Justin I had to shoot with him again with this particular boy, Mitch, whom I found so handsome. So Justin being a good friend, and his extreme love for a beautiful back side, said we should shoot an 'In the Photo booth' story. It was really cool to shoot with Justin this time because he made it so comfortable to tell this story and have nothing on. And the company of Mitch wasn't bad either."

Vincent Palazzolo works as acrobat in several clubs in West Hollywood; he also owns Vertigo Posse, an aerial acrobat company specialized in innovative Entertainment. Company directors Benn Mendoza and Vincent Palazzolo have over two decades of combined experience as athletes and artists, with training and performing backgrounds in Theatrical Circus Arts, Gymnastics (Artistic and Rhythmic), Ballroom Dance, Ballet, Jazz and Hip Hop.

“It’s funny how lately me and about me doesn't seem so important. I even have a difficult time writing "I." I believe about me is about us, a we, a team, a family, a bigger picture. I believe I should not be standing, I am amazed what I can survive. I am amazed how beautiful my friends and family are. I am so proud to be part of all of their lives. To anyone who has ever told me "you are amazing" I appreciate that, but meet my friends first, you may understand me better :)”

I didn't find much about Mitchell on the net, and it's a really shame!

@MySpace – Vincent
@MySpace – Vertigo Posse
@BeautifulMag – Justin Monroe
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