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George Quaintance: A pioneer of male physique painting (4 of 6)

1940-1951 (1 of 6)

1952 (2 of 6)

1953 (3 of 6)

1954-1956 (4 of 6)

Quaintance's personal vanity was part of the mix that lent a unique quality to his oil paintings. A blond Quaintance clone stands prominently with three dark-skinned Latino cowboys in the 1954 painting, Saturday Night. All four studs leaning against the bar wear skin-tight Levis, one displaying a prominent bulge in the crotch.

Rainbow Falls, 1954

After the Hunt, 1954

Eduardo, 1954

Lake Apache, 1954

Saturday Night, 1954

Red Dust, 1955

Bacchant, 1956

Baths of Ancient Rome, 1956

Spartan Soldiers Bathing, 1956

Coral Reef, 1956

Sunlit Depths, 1956

Rodeo Victor, 1956

Vulcan, 1956, Model Steve Reeves

Such paintings proved inspirational for other gay art pioneers of the late 1950s, including the famous Tom of Finland (Touko Laaksonen), who praised Quaintance's images in published interviews.

Interest in these pioneering works of art grew in the insular gay milieu of the mid-century, reaching all the way to Europe. In 1954, Quaintance photographs and prints appeared in Der Kreis, a magazine published in Switzerland and one of the first overtly gay publications in the world.

Quaintance was not one to mourn the loss of a lover for long. Soon he was enamored of a new Latino hunk and a new objet de la richesse: his single-named model, Edwardo, who posed for sculptures as well as photos and paintings. In a hasty note to a friend in May 1954, Quaintance said: "Am getting started now on some little figurines to add to the business. . . . Of course, Eddie [Edwardo] is posing for them. He is my dream-come-true."

The "Rancho Siesta" household in 1956 consisted of the artist, the gorgeous Edwardo, Victor, and Victor's new companion, Tom Syphers, a tall blond of aristocratic bearing from Utah. Another blond hunk, Ron Nyman, had joined the business firm earlier, but his name was soon scratched from the studio's letterhead.

1957 (5 of 6)

Afterword (6 of 6)

http://www.glbtq.com/arts/quaintance_g.html (Biography)
http://www.homoerotimuseum.net/ame/ame02/330.html (Images)
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