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George Quaintance: A pioneer of male physique painting (5 of 6)

1940-1951 (1 of 6)

1952 (2 of 6)

1953 (3 of 6)

1954-1956 (4 of 6)

1957 (5 of 6)

The images are far from pornographic; they are even tame by current social standards. Nevertheless, their controversial gay content and message prevented Quaintance from being judged in the mainstream art world. His only gallery exhibition occurred when a friend loaned Quaintance's painting, The Crusader, for a display of works of contemporary American artists in the late 1950s.

The Falconer, 1957

Hercules, 1957

Pearl Diver

Island Boy

Relaxing Phone Call

Tree, Model Glenn Bishop

White Captive

The pace of the photo and print business became frantic. Quaintance worked night and day to complete commissions for magazines and to keep pace with mail orders for photos and prints. The artist could not survive the heavy demands placed upon him. On November 8, 1957, he suffered a heart attack and died at a Los Angeles hospital. He was 55.

In reporting Quaintance's death, Mizer described him as "a perfectionist (who) drove himself unmercifully, slaving days and nights on end (taking Benzedrine to stay awake) to finish a painting or a sculpture piece." Mizer's tribute concluded with the kind of hyperbole one might expect in a eulogy, but which recognizes the artist as a pioneer: "Throughout the world, he has been acclaimed as the trailblazer of a culture which has been almost ignored for 20 centuries."

A brief obituary in Quaintance's hometown newspaper in 1957 reported that "In accordance with his request the body was cremated and no funeral services were held." Victor Garcia and Tom Syphers inherited Quaintance's estate.

Afterword (6 of 6)

http://www.glbtq.com/arts/quaintance_g.html (Biography)
http://www.homoerotimuseum.net/ame/ame02/330.html (Images)
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