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Beautiful C*cksucker by Barbara Sheridan

Ray is a New York police officer who has to be the "guardian angel" of a Japanese inspector during his business related visit. Ray is not happy with the idea, but when he sees "Miki", the wonderful Japanese woman he needs to escort he changes his mind. And he needs to change it again when he discovers that Miki is not a woman, but a man, and that he is also a Master in BDSM dungeon. Miki is not new to New York, he studied in the city during College and he still has some friends who would like to visit. Friends who manage a club outside the city limit. And he wants Ray to be his partner for the night.

Even if Ray has never had an homosexual experience, he has no problem to admit that he is attracted by Miki, maybe helped by the fact that the man is really handsome and almost without gender. But when it arrives to sex, Miki is not female at all, and Ray has to arrive to pact with his inner side, not only to surrender to a man, but also to surrender the upper hand in the sexual relationship.

I don't know if Barbara Sheridan is planning something else for these two characters, but it seems to me that Ray's step toward the dark side it would not possible or right only for a week-end fling. For Ray is more difficult to accept the type of D/s relationship that Miki is offering, than to accept to have sex with another man; and it's not strange this approach, since having sex with a man could be a passing thing, above all since Miki is so beautiful that is over the boundaries of sex, but entering the BDSM world is not something to take with lightness.

Anyway the story is not so long, 44 pages, and so it's possible that this is only prologue of a longer story.


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Tags: author: barbara sheridan, genre: contemporary, length: novella, review, theme: bondage submission, theme: cops, theme: gay for you, theme: multicultural, theme: virgins

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