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In the Spotlight: Christopher Rice

The Book: Take the sensuous, fecund New Orleans setting, add a generous helping of tangled Southern family history, and season liberally with a sensitive teenage boy rejected by his friends and frightened of his own homoerotic impulses and you wouldn't be surprised to discover that the novel containing all of the above was written by someone named Rice. But a few paragraphs into the first page, it's clear that Anne Rice's son's first novel isn't about vampires or witches and does not otherwise read like one of her exceedingly popular books. The only family resemblance is in the setting, the sexual orientation of the lovingly described male characters, and the scent of overripe magnolias.There's murder, suicide, and madness at the heart of this rather clumsycoming-of-age story, which focuses on the youthful friendship of Stephen Conlin, Meredith Ducote, Greg Darby, and Brandon Charbonnet. This friendship is destroyed by a sexual incident that takes place just before the foursome enters Cannon, an exclusive prep school. There, Stephen is ostracized by his former friends, now the most popular kids on campus, who'd just as soon forget their own complicity in the event. Envy, passion, and rage drive the narrative, but the emotions are as juvenile as the characters, and the long passages depicting the rituals and cruelties of high school, from pep rallies to football games, slow down the pace without really illuminating character or motivation. The novel reads like a roman +á clef. Rice might have been wiser to tell someone else's story rather than his own. (Jane Adams) 

Amazon: A Density of Souls

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The Snow Garden (2004) 
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Light Before Day (2007) 
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Blind Fall (2009)
Amazon: Blind Fall: A Novel 

The Author: At age 30, Christopher Rice is the author of four Ney York Times best-selling novels, the most recent of which is the critically acclaimed thriller, Blind Fall. The members of Insight Out Book Club selected Blind Fall as the Best Book of 2008. His first novel, A Density of Souls, which New York Magazine described as "Less Than Zero meets Donna Tartt spiced with Stephen King," was publiched when the author was 22 years old. The Snow Garden, his second novel, received a Lambda Literary Award, and his third novel, the hard-boiled mystery Light Before Day, was selected as the first annual summer reading book by Frontiers Magazine and hailed as a "book of the year" by best-selling thriller writer Lee Child. A native of California but Southerner by blood, Christopher returned to the west coast seven years ago. He currently lives in West Hollywood where he serves as the President of the Board for the Lambda Literary Foundation, the nation's leading organization for the advancement of LGBT writers. He is the son of best-selling novelist Anne Rice and the late poet and painter, Stan Rice.


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