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Touch Like Breathing by Theda Black

If I remember well, at the end of the previous book, After Anna, the blossoming relationship between Will and Tyler had a suddenly stop soon before the book's end. It was a right end, since as I said before, Will and Tyler are not traditional gay characters and for them, accepting to have a sex relationship it was not simple: not only people around them probably wouldn't understand, but also them were not ready for it. Will needed time to digest all and to realize that he is in love with Tyler, totally in love since he not only cares for Tyler as a friend, but also as the partner of his life.

Problem is that Will has a lot of trouble to admit it to himself, and when they start again, and then again, and then again, they always surrender to the evidence that they can't stay apart, that they need each other, but they always do that almost as a defeat, they never let it go easily and happily. It's not a simple and smooth relationship, there are big mistakes from each side of the relationship, at first it is Will that surrenders, involving Tyler in an almost buddy fu*k relationship, then the same Will betrays Tyler, and it's not clear if he went beyond the boundaries they put to their relationship, then it's Tyler that reacts in an almost violent way.

Both Will than Tyler know each other too well, and even if things seem never going well between them, they also know that the other will always be there, and that between them it will never end. It's a pull and push game, almost a chess play: one makes a move, the other reply, and so on. But as the main characters, also the reader knows that they will find a way to be together, maybe not in an happily ever after way, maybe not in a pink glasses perspective, but nevertheless together. And at least this time, the relationship is between Will and Tyler, and there aren't any third party elements to distract them from each other (apart the "cheating" episode of Will, but luckily it's short and fast...).

I feel the need to warn the readers: for me it's essential to read the previous book to understand this one, otherwise the reader will be thrown in the middle of a fight not having the necessary elements to understand both side reasons.


Amazon Kindle: Touch Like Breathing - Sequel to After Anna

1) After Anna: http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/262100.html
2) Touch Like Breathing

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