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Snowed In by Rhianne Aile & Madeleine Urban

Kasey, Mitch and Warren are colleague and best friend, of different age and predisposition: Kasey is 25 years old and bi-curious, Mitch is 30 years and bisexual (even if it came out to me more as gay) and Warren is 38 years old and straight. They plan to spend a weekend in a mountain cabin and a snowstorm forces them to stay inside the cabin and in near quarter. Kasey is an erotic romance in disguise, and when they are forced to find a way to spend the afternoon, he decides to write a bit: Mitch and Warren realize that he is writing a gay sex scene, but Mitch questions the reality of that scene. Kasey dares him to show how it should be done, but not on the paper, but for real. Mitch is willing, but he is worried for Warren, who seems a bit flustered to have an impromptu porn movie acted in front of him. But then the stupor turns in excitement and also straight Warren falls in the trap of curiosity.

The story is not very long, 66 pages, and it spans for only a night, so there are no clear answer at the end of it. Anyway, I like very much Mitch's character, so open and friendly; just in the past he was a bit interested in both his friends, but he probably never thought to have a chance with them. I don't  believe that in this moment he is searching the true love, maybe he is willing to play and if something follows, he is not against the idea. Kasey on the other hand sees a chance to try his hand in something he probably was interested before, and the possibility to play with two men he trusts is too good to let go. Warren is the more puzzling character... he should be the one that never in the past thought about such a thing, but, truth be told, he is not so skittish to the idea.

We don't know what it will happen next, they could stay good friends (with benefits) or they could build something more, and, maybe, the one who was the less likely, is the one who would be something more for the three of them.


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