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Demon Tailz (StarCrossed 1) by by Reno MacLeod & Jaye Valentine

"Famous for the notorious witch trials of 1692, the small seaport town of Salem, Massachusetts had been trying to smudge out the horrible image of murder and injustice for centuries. In a complete turnaround, the town had begun welcoming anyone who was a self-proclaimed witch, and by the early 21st century, one in four Salem residents claimed either to be a witch or to know one."

It seems an idilliac situation, isn't it? A place where everyone would be glad to come, if he is interested on the paranormal side of life. And so it's not strange that Cash Rowan, ghost and demon hunter, chooses Salem as his final point for the Halloween night. But Cash is searching a specific demon, and maybe this time he is lucky. Jace is the owner of the Demon Tailz, a upper-class night club, and he welcomes Cash at open arms... the reader is expecting a hot night but it is not what he will have.

Cash is not searching for sex, and Jace has that side of his life covered since he is in a relationship with his twin brother Konnor. To know what it will happen, you need to read the story, since if I tell you more, I for sure will spoil it, it's only 25 pages long. But despite being so short, the story is really really nice.... well maybe nice is not exactly the right word: it's a mix of splatter and comic, love and sex, Ghost (the movie) meets "The Night of Living Dead" or something similar... I didn't know if I should feel horror or smile or be a sappy romantic.

There are at least three unexpected events: when Cash reveals his real purpose, when Jace helps him, and when Konnor comes back home. All of them gave me a feeling of surprise and a need to re-read the scene to be sure to understand well what it was happening... and since it's, as I said, a 25 pages long story, I believe it's quite an achievement. Can't wait to read the following chapters in a series that I believe will be a favorite of mine.


Amazon Kindle: StarCrossed 1: Demon Tailz

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Tags: author: jaye valentine, author: reno macleod, genre: paranormal, length: short story, review, theme: demons, theme: ghosts, theme: twincest

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