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Acting Naughty (Action! 1) by G.A. Hauser

G.A. Hauser comes back to the show business world that apparently she likes so much (For Love and Money, The Kiss, Love You Loveday...). The starting point is quite similar to The Kiss, Keith, a struggling actor (and not a model like in The Kiss), has the offer of his life, an offer that he can't refuse since it's probably the last chance he has; problem is that he has to play the role of a gay in a primetime cable drama, and he is not gay... or at least he thinks so. There are some hints that the reader can pick up if he wants, like the fact that his girlfriend is esthetically more like a man than a woman, or that he has an instantly attraction for his partner on the scene. Carl, the partner, is a big gay with a good heart; even if older than Keith, and with a successful role in the show business world, Carl is somewhat more innocent than Keith. He is so friendly and open, like Keith he has never had a gay experience in the past, but truth be told he is not against the idea.

The problem of them not being gay is soon overcome and the scenes they play on the stage are pretty hot, so hot that both of them start to wonder how it can be if it wasn't an act. Also Keith having a girlfriend is a soon overcome problem, since she eliminates herself from the picture repeatedly refusing Keith and in this way pushing the man toward Carl. Maybe is not so nice that Keith wanted to have sex with her only to prove his masculinity, but she didn't know it, for her is a mix of tiredness due to work and maybe also a bit of jealousy that Keith manages to have an important role while she is still waitering tables.

Of the two characters, the one that comes out (no pun intended) is Keith, he is the one who apparently takes more risk and loses more; he also has a not so nice encounter with his family that let him with the quite clear impression that he will not have their support if he decides to pursue his relationship with Carl. And it's strange, since who has a career to risk is Carl; but Carl seems to worry more for his private life, than of the public opinion: as I said before, Carl is a guy with a big heart, and also in this case, he lets his heart lead him more than his brain.

Acting Naughty is a nice tale, with the usual two main heroes that are a trademark of this authors, very pretty men who maybe are a little too vain (they always seem to love themself as much as they love the partner, and the look is always a great component of said love), but also men that are easy to emotion and that more often than not can fall in tear if that emotion is too strong.

Some recurring characters from Hauser's previous books, Adam and Jack, adds this one to the Los Angeles' saga of this author.

Amazon: Acting Naughty

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2) A Question of Sex
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4) Capital Games: http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/210160.html
5) When Adam met Jack: http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/300519.html
6) Acting Naughty (Action! 1)

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