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Sanguine Shadows (Breathe 1) by Willa Okati

The story is pretty simple: Darce is an old vampire, how old we didn't know, but he has the behavior of a cowboy in the Old Far West. He is a lonely wolf, he doesn't mix well nor with humans or with vampires. He pretty much would like to be left alone. But Raven has other ideas; as Darce is old, Raven is very young, barely a six months old vampire, and he was turned when he was still a boy. So he has all the energy and the expectations of a young man, and he is not able to stay put where you left him.

Raven sees Darce and he decides that he likes Darce and that he wants him; the fact that Darce would prefer to be left alone is not important for Raven: Raven only agrees to do things when they are what he likes, otherwise it's like nothing was said. And so he drags Darce in a relationship where Raven is the classical top from the bottom, even when Darce is trying to "punish" him, it's Raven that directs the scene.

Almost all the 51 pages of the book are devoted to describe Darce and Raven's relationship, how Darce can't help to fall for the young man. All in all Darce is not a bad guy, he is like a teddy bear, all strenght outside and tender heart inside; probably he is not enough clever to outcome Raven, the boy is too smart for his own good, but truth be told, Darce doesn't try: even if he wouldn't say, probably he likes Raven as he is, and he needs to be shaken from his torpor.

Enjoyable short story for a nice break.


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Tags: author: willa okati, genre: paranormal, length: novella, review, theme: vampires

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