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True North by Bethany Brown & Ashlyn Kane

True North is one of that typical story setting in a small town, where everyone knows what his neighbor is doing; the only difference, and maybe what made it so nice, is that is setting in Canada, and so Julian and Jack's love, even if not totally in the open, it's at least accepted and also facilitated by relatives (Julian's sister and Jack's mother).

Julian is originally from the small town, but he went to study medicine in the big city, and for a period he lived there. The life and some bad experiences, and his sister, convinced him to come back in small town, since life is easier and love is more available. Jack is not from there, but he is from another similar small town in Canada, and he likes this type of life, with its slow rhythm and the easiness which you make friend: everyone is out to give an hand if necessary, and Jack is not less than the other, he carpools the sons of his friends, he plays on Saturday in the only pub of the town, he is famous as a gentle man but prone to accident.

And so, when for a countless time, he ends in hospital, Julian patches him up and not only; since everything is simpler, it doesn't pass too much time that Julian and Jack are a steady thing, even if at first there are some misunderstandments. Julian doesn't hide the fact that he is gay but neither flaunts it; Jack instead has no problem to admit that he prefers the company of men, but he is still in the closet with his mother, and so he prefers to be very discreet. Jack is not a bad guy, but Julian needs to be accepted in all he is and he needs to "hear" those words of acceptance, since he was scarred in the past. Overcome this problem between them, there is still one question or two, but all in all their story is settled and fated for an happily ever after.

The really original touch in the story are all the female characters, some with very important roles, like Roz, Julian's sister, or Flo, Jack's mother, and someone else with lesser roles, but not less interesting, like Brenda, the owner of the pub, or Bella, Jack's aunt, or Hallie, one of the kid Jack carpools around... if you think well at it, this book, even if it's about two men, it's full of women! But in this way I have no problem, they didn't interfere with the two men... or at least, if they interfere is to bring the two men together. At the end, Julian and Jack have to share the scene with all these women, and sometime the women stole them the scene.

True North is a really nice book, tender and easy, without too much angst but with a very comfortable feeling.


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Amazon: True North

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