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Stranger Things Have Happened by Willa Okati

Stranger Things Have Happened: New York by Willa Okati

Rack and Daniel are back! I first saw this couple in In the strangest places and I have waited for long time the sequel of their story: the tattoo tour.

Rack is a mouthy smoker english bad boy: short and tough, but with an extremely needs of love. Daniel instead is the All American next door boy: gentle and caring. Only love can stitch them together and is a powerful glue.

In this sequel Daniel, who has lived a rather protective life amid the friendly crowd of the tattoo parlour of Rack, has to face the world outside, and, unfortunately, some people are not so friendly.

But Rack will do everything to take his lover with him and nobody can separate them.

A very short tale who has left me with the desire to read more: I hope Willa has some other sequel for us, in fact this chapter his entitled New York... what other cities we will have? and we read more about Josh? (pss Willa: is Josh real? or is he an angel?)

Stranger Things Have Happened 2: Dallas by Willa Okati

The tattoo tour Rack and Daniel are attending stops in Dallas, and the two have to discover if their love is strong enough.

Daniel's new friend, Josh, comes out with Daniel and maybe Daniel starts to have some clues that Josh's interest is not only for his friendship. But Daniel's love for Rack is too strong and absolute to only imagine to be unfair with him.

But Rack is smart and has eyes, and arrives to the conclusion that, if he wants to have Daniel all for him, maybe he has to share him... but only after claiming him in a rough and animal way, to demonstrate that Daniel is him and only him.

Now Daniel is in front of a decision point: another city and another man, they will strenght his love for Rack or they will tear them apart?

I love Daniel, so tender and caring, but in this enstallment is Rack who brighten: he is the master and the alpha, who acts to not reacts...

Stranger Things Have Happened 3: Denver by Willa Okati

Finally we have the last installment of the story of Rack and Daniel. We have left our heros with the chance of a threesome with Josh, and frankly I was a little sad cause Rack and Daniel are a wondeful couple and I have some problems to imagine someone between the two.

Yes, the threesome can be interesting and I'm sure Willa could be a wonderful work, but between Rack and Daniel? I don't want nobody :-)

So Josh will be educated in the joy of sex by the hand of Rack and Daniel, but they manage to not break the harmony of their relationship. How? I will let you know by yourself, cause this is a chaser, and if I tell some more about the story, you will lose your surprise.

What can I say more about Rack? It's absolutely gorgeous and funny and tender and... well, I love when he is all bossy with Daniel. And now Willa has to make me happy with the story of Josh, I want to read his story!


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