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Opposite Ends of the Spectrum (StarCrossed 2) by Reno MacLeod & Jaye Valentine

Again the demon story by this duo of new author MacLeod and Valentine is one of unexpected interest and pleasure for me to read. Why unexpected? since if you asked me before if I would like to read of the debauching of an angel, involving demon shape monsters, probably I would have answered with a big NO! And instead I was again enthralled by the story.

Kelly is a male beautiful androgynous angel: with beautiful long scarlet hair that match his wonderful scarlet wings, Kelly is the main attraction of a freak show. Before being taken in captivity he was not a strong angel, and since he is almost starved, he is really weak and unable to escape his prison. Then the owner of the freak carnival decides to put in cage with him an incubus, Dekin. At first Dekin is fair and gentle with Kelly, he almost convinces him that he will not harm him in any way, not only he convinced Kelly he also convinced me, that I was just imagining him like a "good" incubus... but Dekin is a demon and he behaves like a demon.

Between remains a captive forever and being an alley of a demon, Kelly chooses the dark side; but even if he makes a bargain with a devil, he still remains an angel, with his beauty and innocence. Never ever during all the book, Kelly looses his inside goodness and his calm and serene behavior, even when subjected to the worst thing that could be happen to a pure soul, the violation of his body, Kelly is forgiving and welcoming, he is a real martyr. If not for the way in which the authors manage to build a relationship between Kelly and Dekin, I don't know if both characters would be independently nice: and instead, in this way, Kelly comes out with being a strong character, in attitude if not in body, and Dekin like a more brooding demon as I was expecting; he is almost like a dark hero, someone who has to do unholy things in name of the good angel that is waiting for him. Only behaving in a good way Dekin feels enlisted to love an angel, Kelly becomes is criterion.

There is a lot of sex in this novella, down and dirty sex, it's almost like it has to be so down and dirty to exalt the purity, of the loss of it, of Kelly. Some of it, in particular in two scenes, it's quite a non consensual sex, one almost a rape, so be ready and warned. But as I said, I believe that it was necessary to give a dark background to the angel to shine as much as possible.


Amazon Kindle: StarCrossed 2: Opposite Ends of the Spectrum

Series: StarCrossed
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2) Opposite Ends of the Spectrum

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