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In memory of Elizabeth Gilzean

As an author for Harlequin Romance, Elizabeth Gilzean published thirteen novels. Her work was primarily focused on the very popular Doctor/Nurse romances. She wrote primarily in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Born in 1913, she also wrote under the pseudonyms Elizabeth Houghton and Mary Hunton. Her real name was Elizabeth Houghton Blanchet, though some sources cite Gilzean as her real name. As an author for Harlequin Romance, Elizabeth Houghton published ten novels. As an author for Harlequin Romance, Mary Hunton published three novels.

She was the daughter of Muriel Liffiton. While to many Muriel Liffiton is known only as M. Wylie Blanchet or as Muriel Blanchet, on May 2, 1891, in Montreal, Canada, she was born Muriel Wylie Liffiton. However, she wrote under her married name, having married Geoffrey Orme Blanchet in 1909. So it has been as M. Wylie Blanchet that she has earned a place in Canadian literature as the author of The Curve of Time, an unusual book of travel and adventure. After being widowed at an early age in 1926, Muriel Blanchet raised her five children on Vancouver Island in Canada ’s British Columbia. For several summers Muriel, her children, and the family dog set off in a twenty-five foot motor boat, the Caprice, to explore the waters between Vancouver Island and the rugged Canadian mainland.

Elizabeth Houghton Blanchet (1913-1995), who was known as Betty, studied nursing prior to becoming a successful romance novelist under a pseudonym in England. She was married twice, first to J. Gilzean and later to J. Parry.

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