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Broken Sky (El cielo dividido) (2006) directed by Julián Hernández

Director: Julián Hernández

Writer: Julián Hernández (writer)

Release Date: 14 February 2006 (Berlin International Film Festival)
25 March 2006 (Guadalajara Film Festival)
29 September 2006 (USA)

Genre: Drama, Romance

Plot: Two university students, Gerardo and Jonás, meet on campus and fall passionately in love. They enjoy a blissful romance until Jonás becomes obsessed with another boy and drives Gerardo into the arms of Sérgio. The young men become entangled in a hypnotic dance of love, longing, rejection, validation, and sexual expression.

Awards: 2006 Special Jury Award (Julián Hernández), Torino International Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

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Cast (in credits order)
Miguel Ángel Hoppe ... Gerardo
Fernando Arroyo ... Jonás
Alejandro Rojo ... Sérgio
Ignacio Pereda ... Bruno
Klaudia Aragon ... Emilia
Clarissa Rendón ... María
Pilar Ruiz ... Maestra
Ortos Soyuz ... Narrador
Andrés Damián ... Amigo de Bruno
Claudia Goytia ... Bartender
Genaro Velázquez ... Bartender
Mónica Galván ... Bailarina
Edith Maya ... Bailarina
Javier Olguin ... Hombre en el cuarto oscuro
Héctor Negrón ... Hombre en el cuarto oscuro
Claudia Prado ... Cliente en la tienda UNAM
Jorge Magaña ... Cliente en la tienda UNAM
Miguel Ortega ... Cliente en la tienda UNAM

Tags: gay romance movie

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