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Man Candy Day: Parker Gregory

Well, the man candy of today is quite a Dark Horse, since till this morning it was not him I have in mind to post. But then I read a nice news in a blog, and Parker was in the stables since a bit, I noticed him before for his nice mix of Italian and Irish origins which produced dark hair and clear eyes, as I like, and so, I decided to post about him. Well the other guys (since they were more than one), I will post next week... maybe... since I saw that my last man candy post went out without notice, and so maybe you are tired of them ;-)

Armani Exchange S/S 09, by Tom Munro

Armani Exchange S/S 09 by Tom Munro

Armani Exchange S/S 09, by Tom Munro

Armani Exchange S/S 09, by Tom Munro

by Bruce Weber

by James Houston

Parker Gregory was born 20 years ago in Houston, Texas. He is of Sicilian and Irish descent. He is currently one of the most sought-after models, ranked Top 50 male model in the world in 2007. Thanks to his girlfriend, also a model, who introduced him to her agent, Parker entered the world of fashion through the agency Click. He has done numerous ad campaigns with stellar clients such as V Man, Mario Testino, Adidas, POP, Arena, Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld.

Parker is an easy-going, down-to-earth guy. He likes to sleep, do sports, drive cars and spend time with his family and friends. According to Parker, the five words that best describe him are: energetic, boisterous, sociable, ironic and affectionate. In the past he works with Bruce Weber for Abercrombie & Fitch (photo 6) and with James Houston (photo 7).

A couple weeks ago an image for the new Armani Exchange (A/X) campaign featuring Kerry Degman (one of my past man candy, http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/461918.html) and Parker Gregory, along with model Rianne ten Haken, was submitted for a massive billboard in New York's trendy meatpacking district, but the image (photo 3) was rejected by billboard co. Van Wagner because it's a bit too “meaty”… Parker naked bottom was displayed in all his glory! The campaign was shot by Tom Munro on the beach at Islamorada in the Florida Keys (behind the scene photo 4&5)

@Click Model
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