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Beth Kery: Romance with Intense Emotional Strains

"Sending warm greetings from Beth Kery in Chicago, Illinois, USA to Elisa and the readers of Rosa is for Romance! I'm flattered to be asked to come and tell you a bit about my work.

I'm relatively new to the publishing industry, having first been published at Ellora's Cave in 2007. I published several books and short stories and small presses, such as Whiskey Creek Press and Samhain. Things moved rather rapidly for me, and by May of that year I had written a manuscript entitled OUT OF THE ASHES. ASHES was the book that I hoped to acquire an agent with, and eventually sell to the New York publishing market. By October of 2007, I had signed with the energetic Laura Bradford from the Laura Bradford Agency.

Much to my shock and amazement, several weeks later OUT OF THE ASHES sold to Berkley Publishing. The title was changed to WICKED BURN (which better reflected the 'heat' level of the erotic romance). WICKED BURN is the title that won the best erotic category at AAR. For those of you unfamiliar with my work, my books are best described as romances with intense emotional strains that also include very hot sex scenes. I know I write them sexy, but the romance always comes first for me.

Since WICKED BURN sold to Berkley, I have kept very busy. I sold three books to Berkley in a separate contract in their Heat line. So I have three books coming out with Berkley in 2009--a time travel erotic romance called DARING TIME on 5/5/9 (Sensation), a contemporary erotic romance called SWEET RESTRAINT on 7/7/9 (Heat), a contemporary erotic romance called PARADISE RULES (Heat) on 12/1/9, and another contemporary called RELEASE in February 2010.

It has been an interesting journey. I feel very supported by my family, agent and editor. Perhaps most importantly, I've gained knowledge, compassion and strength from my fellow writers. The romance community has proven to be warm and welcoming--including the romance lovers in Italy! I visited your beautiful country just last year for the first time, by the way. I took my niece to the Eternal City and promptly fell in love with the sights and the lovely people.

I thank you for inviting me to introduce myself. Happy Reading!" Beth Kery

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