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An experiment...

I love the weekend since it's time for me to work on my hobby instead to really work. But Saturday and Sunday are also quite boring on LJ, and so I would like to liven it up. For a bit I will devoted the weekend to "excerpt day": if you have a coming soon book in the next future (possible in the next few weeks, but it's not a strict window frame), or recently released, in ebook or print book, even self published, and want to post an exerpt, please contact me.

All I need is obviously the exerpt, a cover and the future buy link (publisher site or similar). I will not limit this to LGBT romance, but since I post this experiment only in my LJ, obviously I think that the target will be that one; anyway if you think that your book could be interesting for my F-list let me know.

Finally, F-List, don't worry!, I will use that functionality of LJ that allow me to post on my page without the post showing in your friends page: I will post every excerpt in a single post, and only the summary post, with the link to the single posts, will be show on my friends page.

And so the experiment starts today and tomorrow, and so if there is an author out there that want to profit, contact me!
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