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Excerpt Day: Dragons by Angelia Sparrow

Dragons by Angelia Sparrow
Release Date: Mar 21, 2009
Publisher: Kerlak Enterprises
Publisher Link: http://www.kerlak.com/fiction.html

"My story is called "Leave it to the Experts," and involves a cryptozoology reporter sent out on a dragon hunt." Angelia Sparrow


Charlie knew he was in trouble when he got the dragon assignment. He was used to unusual stories, as the only crypto-zoological reporter on staff. He'd written about everything from tea with a Sasquatch to a moonlit swim with lake monsters. But a dragon...

Everyone knew there were no such things as dragons. This was the new editor's way of sending him on a wild goose chase and humiliating him so he could be quietly let go. The parent company had been pushing for months to get rid of the Crypto-zoo and Paranormal sections, in order to lump those in with the usual cute animal and human interest stories.

"How in the world can you have a human interest story when the subject isn't human?" Charlie grumbled to himself for the thousandth time since the take-over. He checked the address against the house numbers as he turned onto Flambeau Street. It was right where the map had said it would be, for a change. Charlie hated out-of-town trips. He hoped this Professor R. MacKinnon knew his stuff and wasn't just some old crackpot.

He parked and rang the bell in front of 229 Flambeau, a sturdy brick cottage. A gorgeous redhead with green almond eyes opened it. Her dress matched her eyes and when she smiled, Charlie felt the whole world go spinny. A random snippet of song about a green-eyed lady, child of nature, floated through his brain and promptly melted under the watttage of the smile.

"I'm looking for R. MacKinnon? My editor sent me. I'm Charlie Boyd from the Post-Picayune."

"Yes, I'm Dr. Rosalee MacKinnon. Hello, Mr. Boyd." She almost purred the introduction.

Charlie caught himself goggling and stopped at once. "I'm sorry, Ma'am. I expected a tweedy old man." Charlie cleared his throat and blinked. He never acted so badly. He had no idea what had come over him. "Please forgive my rudeness. I have dragon trouble. Editor trouble too, but mostly dragon trouble."
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