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Clippings by A.J. Mirag

I'm true, I approached this book a bit wary, since I couldn't believe possible to find true romance in a prison story setting. Don't get me wrong, I like prison story, one of my favorite movie is "The Shawshank Redemption" (and no, I was not imagining a slash story between Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman!), but I always found that they are quite angst stories, and usually one of the heroes, if not both, goes through some very nasty moments, that yes, serve him to be stronger, but well, I can't help to feel for him.

And so thinking to Daniel, young Brazilian student that is unfairly imprisened after a student protest, I was pretty sure that there weren't good perspective for him. But his fair looks and yes, probably also his well-bring behavior and innocence, arise the protective feelings in Mephisto, a drug dealer who behaves in prison like a maniac perfectionist: everything in his shank has to be in order and cleaned, and you have to behave according to the prison rules, official and unofficial, to survive. He welcomes Daniel in his shack as he would with an exotic bird, Paradise Bird: he nurturers and provides to him like Daniel is a fragile beautiful bird that will not survive in the dark and cold prison otherwise. Daniel is kept away from all the nasty things, and he is allowed to "sing" only for Mephisto's pleasure, and for a strict circle of friends.

Don't get me wrong, Mephisto is not a bad guy, he only wants to protect Daniel's innocence, and in a way, he wants for him to not loose that innocence since when Daniel will be out of prison (and Mephisto is sure that this will be happen), he has to look back to this experience as a passing nightmare, something he can't put behind his shoulder. Mephisto himself will have to be only a memory, and so at first, Mephisto is gentle and caring, but almost detached, he wants for Daniel to feel safe with him, but not to be involved in an emotional level.

And so Daniel's experience inside the prison has almost an easy feeling, at least for him. Daniel is frightened and sad, but truth be told, he didn't go through real "big" trouble, and Mephisto is always beside him. In this way the love relationship that blossoms between them seems easy and natural, and probably a consequence of the situation, but not for that less sweet or romantic. Daniel falls in hell, but a fallen angel soothes Daniel's fall and allows him to not loose his wings so he can fly back to paradise.


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