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Excerpt Day: Born to Run by Jenna Byrnes

Born to Run, book two in the Phaze Rocks, Streets of Fire Series, by Jenna Byrnes
Release Date: 02/2009
ISBN 978-1-60659-124-6
Publisher: Phaze Books
Publisher Link: http://www.king-cart.com/Phaze/product=Born+to+Run/exact_match=exact

Blurb: Book Two in the Phaze Rocks: Streets of Fire Series. Detective Sam Nielson has always been a casual, no strings type of guy. He loves New York City and the diversity of men it offers him. He also loves his job in South Bronx's forty-first precinct, affectionately nicknamed 'Fort Apache' for it's violent history. Sam's caught off guard when handsome detective Bobby Rodriguez transfers to Fort Apache. The two are immediately thrown together on a high profile murder investigation. Their fast brewing passion makes concentrating on work difficult. It becomes even tougher when Sam discovers what type of relationship Bobby has in mind. He's a Dominant, looking for a submissive. It's a whole new world for Sam, who has to decide if that's the type of life he wants to live. But first he has to survive the murderer they're tracking, who's now after them.


"You're late." Sam Nielson drummed his fingers on the table at Houlihan's Pub.

"And you're ugly. But I can buy a watch." Gil Gates slipped into the chair next to Sam, glancing around.
"Apparently I'm not the only late one. Where's D'Amato?"

"Oh, you know." Sam screwed up his face. "All lovey-dovey at home these days. He probably won't even show up."

"Who won't show up?" Nick D'Amato slapped the back of Sam's head. "Wouldn't be talking about me, now, would you?" He pulled out a chair, throwing his leg over the back, and sat.

"Don't do that!" Sam cradled the back of his head. "Christ, you'd think we were back at the academy together."

Nick smiled. "Sometimes I feel like we still are. These past few months, I'd swear I was twenty years younger."

Gil raised a hand, summoning the waitress. "Regular sex will do that to you. So come on, spill it. How are things at home? William getting along okay?"

They paused long enough to greet their regular server. "Hey, Donna," Sam said. "Could we get three beers, please?"

"Sure, detective. Light beer on tap, I assume?"

"Fine, thanks."

The plump, middle-aged woman nodded and returned to the bar.

Sam turned back to his friends, and had to smile. They did look the same as when they'd met in the police academy. A little more filled out, with a crease or the occasional gray hair, but basically the same. Gil still wore his blonde hair closely cropped. Nick's hair was consistently shaggy, hanging over his collar. That hadn't changed.

The spring in Nick's step, however, was a fairly recent development. Since he settled down with his lover, William, Nick wore a permanent smile on his face. They exchanged rings in front of a long-haired minister and all their friends, and settled into a bungalow in Bedford Park. Nick transferred from the vice squad, in the forty-first precinct where Sam worked, to the fifty-second precinct, and a job working with kids in an anti-gang task force.
Now both Nick and Gil lived in the more affluent Northwest Bronx. Sam was the lone holdout, content to remain in South Bronx at the older precinct, affectionately nicknamed 'Fort Apache' for the violence there decades ago. Donna returned with three mugs of beer, setting them on the table. "Want me to run a tab?"

"D'Amato's paying," Gil informed her, picking up his stein.

"Whatever." Nick shrugged good-naturedly.

The waitress held her hand out to him. "Well?"

"We're not quite done drinking, Donna," Sam said.

She rolled her eyes. "I know that. Since when has Mr. Stuck-in-the-Eighties not wanted me to play something on the jukebox?"

"Oh!" Nick pulled a wallet from the pocket of his black leather jacket. "Here you go." He handed her two dollar bills.

"I think they put Springsteen's new song in there. Like to hear it?"

Nick screwed up his face. "Not really. Something classic, maybe?"

"What a surprise." She snatched the bills from his hand and walked off.

Sam shook his head, sipping his beer. "Some things never change.”
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