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Excerpt Day: The Morning After by Cassandra Gold and Beth Wylde

The Morning After by Cassandra Gold and Beth Wylde
Release Date: Mar 21, 2009
Publisher: Torquere Press
Publisher Link: http://www.torquerebooks.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1860

Blurb: Adam and Shaun have been lovers for a year and the rules of their relationship are well-established. Which is why it's such a surprise when Adam turns the tables on his alpha lover during their anniversary. The next morning, Shaun wants to remind Adam how things really work, and why Adam loves it so much when they do. In this hot little sequel to "Alpha, Omega", Shaun pulls out all the props to help Adam remember his place in the werelion pride.


I was enjoying the most wonderful dream involving my mate, a can of whipped cream, and some loving attention to my cock. Dream-Adam was just explaining why my balls needed to be thoroughly covered in Reddi-Whip, too, when a sharp pain in my ass pulled me instantly awake.

I bit back a growl as I realized it was Adam's knee tucked up under my rear that was the cause of my severe discomfort. The sting brought back memories of how we'd spent last night, previously unused muscles and my overly tender backside wailing in protest.

I looked sideways to find Adam still sleeping peacefully, his hands pillowed under his head and a smile on his face as he lay curled on his side in an almost fetal position. An immediate plan for revenge on my lover formed in my mind as I recalled all the details of our unusual tryst.

I'd come home from work like any other evening to find Adam cleaning out a scalded frying pan of what remained from his heartfelt attempt to cook dinner. Adam could do many things, but creating edible food was not one of his talents. Give him a computer or a cock and he's a genius at work, but even the simplest of snacks, like peanut butter crackers, were a disaster waiting to happen.

I found him bent over the trash can in his boxers and couldn't help but stop and fondle his assets a bit. It was nice until my fun was interrupted by the fact that Adam thought I'd forgotten our anniversary. In truth, he'd been the one in the wrong. He'd miscalculated by a week, using the human calendar instead of the lunar one. I can only guess that the stress and humiliation of such a mistake is what pushed him over the edge and into action.

While I must admit that being topped by my bottom was an unexpected and surprisingly enjoyable treat, it had still been a somewhat painful experience, and my inner beast wasn't completely happy with the incident. I felt the need to prove my dominance. The lion inside of me demanded to reassert itself as the Alpha in our relationship, and for once the human side of me was in total agreement with my beast. The mental image of Adam bent down on all fours, begging me to fuck him, really had me turned on. The rock hard erection I was currently sporting was a testament to how randy I was feeling. I was hard as stone and ready to treat Adam to a morning I knew he'd never forget.

I pulled back the covers and crept out of the room as quietly as possible, determined not to wake Adam until I had everything ready. I had something truly spectacular in mind. I headed down to the basement first. It took me a bit to find what I was looking for, since we hadn't had an out-of-control member of the Pride need to be restrained for a long time. The third box I opened revealed the reinforced silver chains I'd had made right after I'd taken over as Alpha.

The previous leader had let the lions run wild during the full moon with no concern for attacks or injuries on the humans who happened to be nearby. It was one reason the Pride had grown so large. I wasn't nearly as lenient. I knew what would happen if humans ever found out about us. Being captured and dissected in a government lab held absolutely no appeal.

I grabbed the chains, the special coating over the silver ensuring that the shifter handling the metal as well as the one being restrained wouldn't be burned, though the captive's powers to change shape would be completely nullified by the precious metal. I wrapped them around one arm like you'd carry a fire hose and headed back upstairs to the kitchen where the rest of my tools for revenge lay in wait.
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