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Outing Riley (2004) directed by Pete Jones

Director: Pete Jones

Writer: Pete Jones (written by)

Genre: Comedy

Plot: When regular guy Bobby (Pete Jones) tells his meat and potatoes Irish-Catholic brothers that he is gay, they don t believe him!

An Irish Catholic family learns that the youngest son is gay. Self-accepting Bobby Riley, a Chicago architect, tells us right off the bat he's gay. But he's never told his three brothers. Bobby's relationship with them is close but centers around sports, drinking beer, and playing practical jokes not discussing private lives. And besides, Bobby appears to have a girlfriend, but actually Carly is a lesbian pal who plays along when he needs a date. Only Bobby's sister knows the truth about his life.

But now, Bobby's parents are both dead, and his sister has begun pressuring Bobby to come out of the closet. Bobby and his live-in boyfriend Andy would like nothing more than to drop the charade Bobby maintains with his lesbian pal, so he finally gets up the courage to do it. But when Bobby does spill the beans, his brothers assume due to his regular-guy demeanor that he's kidding. Besides, they're meat and potatoes Irish-Catholic, so Bobby simply can't be gay. Eventually, they all must come to terms with this revelations and as it turns out, each brother also has been holding back family secrets. . .

Pete Jones wrote, directed and stars in OUTING RILEY, his second feature film. Jones first came to national attention as the winner of the inaugural season of HBO's Project Greenlight. The reality series, produced by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, looked at the making of Jones debut feature STOLEN SUMMER, which was selected from over 7,000 entries to be made. STOLEN SUMMER premiered at the 2002 Sundance Film Festival and was followed by a limited theatrical release.

Intelligent, nicely paced script sports lots of crowd-pleasing zingers. --Variety

Standout performance by the foxy and talented Nathan Fillion! --Outfest - Los Angeles

Induced so much laughter that many lines were drowned out! --Media News Services

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Cast (in credits order)
Pete Jones ... Bobby Riley
Michael McDonald ... Andy
Nathan Fillion ... Luke Riley
Stoney Westmoreland ... Connor Riley
Dev Kennedy ... Jack Riley
Julie R. Pearl ... Maggie Riley (as Julie Pearl)
Bob Riley ... Mr. Riley
Dana Lynne Gilhooley ... Carly
Jim Rose ... Busboy / Priest
J. David Ruby ... Howie
Ashley Giancola ... Holly Avery
Marc Singletary ... Boyfriend
Steve Dahl ... Mr. Berk
Tracy Amico ... Bar Girl
Dan Bernstein ... Bartender Larry
Judd Nissen ... Sam
rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Patrick Edward O'Brien ... Toaster
Lauren Ryland ... Luke's wife
Michael Gambino ... Italian Guy (uncredited)
Jeff Garlin ... Partner in architects' firm (uncredited)
Kaye Han ... Jogger with hotdog (uncredited)
Buzz Kilman ... (uncredited)
John Maholm ... Rickshaw Guy (uncredited)
Justin Marchert ... Funeral Guest (uncredited)
Rich Pierrelouis ... Boom Guy (uncredited)
Wendy Snyder ... Smoking Woman (uncredited)
Richard Strobel ... Bar Patron (uncredited)
Kat Tuohy ... Tanning Girl (uncredited)
David Weisiger ... Gary (uncredited)

Tags: gay romance movie

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