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Man Candy Day: Jack Mackenroth by Frank Louis

Last week I posted a review on a book in which the main character, a photographer, had quite an interesting love life... the morning after I had the nice surprise to find an email from Frank Louis, a photographer I like very much: do you remember men candy Clint Shields and Tony Gibble? after that post Frank Louis wrote to me in Italian, since he is Francesco Luigi in origin, and we chatted about the chance to post something more in the future. In this last email Frank Louis was jocking with me about the possibility to go buy the book! ehm, Frank Louis, I don't know if that book is good for you, but I know that Frank Louis has some goody for us, and so yours Elisa promptly asked him to give us more on Jack Mackenroth, who is one of my favorite man candy and also a very very nice man.

Jack Mackenroth by Frank Louis

Jack Mackenroth by Frank Louis

But yours Elisa didn't stop on Frank Louis, I also stalked Jack since I know that all you absolutely loved my last post about him. And Jack, nice man as I said, kindly answered letting us know his present and future projects:

"Hey Elisa.

So here is what I have been up to that may be of interest. A lot of stuff is in my bio and in my "press" section on jackmackenroth.com so, if you want, check that out too.

Recently my life has been crazy. I covered New York fashion week (ndr I was following Jack on his blog and the photos he posted were fabolous) and you can see clips of LOGO's Poplab here:


I have been traveling a lot speaking about my HIV education campaign Living Positive By Design livingpositivebydesign.com

I hosted a huge fundraising event in San Francisco for the Academy of Friends for their annual Academy Awards party. It was a blast.

Then I flew to LA for the final pitch meeting for my design show with co-host Kevin Christiana. We are now waiting to hear from the Style network and Oprahs new network called OWN. I can't say much about it but fingers crossed.

I just came back from Houston Texas for the AIDS WALK which was a great event. I walked with Pride Houston and met some really cool people.
Kevin Christiana and some of my former cast members, Kit (Pistol) Scarbo, Sweet P and I are planning a group fashion show in Miami in May. I am currently designing about 7 looks.
Now I am finally back in New York for a while and I am training for the Outgames which happen this summer from July 27th to August 3rd in Copenhagen, Denmark. I will be swimming and I specialize in breaststroke and I hoppe to win a gold medal.

Beyond that I am looking forward to my 40th birthday which is on April 29th. I am having a huge party on May 1st. WOOHOO!!!

More updates and news on Jackmackenroth.com and on facebook 


I would like only to add that Jack is a real kind and funny man, everytime I write to him, even if he is busy with more important things, he always answers, never ignoring even a simple good luck email. And then he is so handsome! how can a man being prettier at forty than he was at 23 years old? (see photo below for reference!) Not that at 23 years old he wasn't pretty, but Jack you are like a vintage wine, you go better year after year! And so I would like to wish him a wonderful Happy Birthday a bit in advance and hope you all will join with me in this wish.

Jack Mackenroth by Frank Louis

Jack Mackenroth by Frank Louis

Jack Mackenroth by Frank Louis

Jack Mackenroth by Brad Walsh

Jack Mackenroth by Brad Walsh

Jack Mackenroth, centerfold model, in Genre Magazine 1993

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@Frank Louis
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