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Excerpt Day: Spring Reassurance by Andrew Grey

Spring Reassurance by Andrew Grey
Release Date: Apr 2, 2009
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Publisher Link: http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/

Amazon Kindle: Spring Reassurance

Blurb: James After four wonderful months, an unsettling move to a new home, and a confrontation with Blayne's father, Roeder worries that Blayne will miss his old life and return to it, leaving him behind. What if they aren't meant to be? His worries flare into outright panic when Blayne is critically injured, and Roeder knows he'll soon have his answer: The gods will ultimately decide if their love will endure.


In Michigan, spring comes in fits and starts. Warm weather followed by snow, followed again by sunny warmth. But finally it had arrived full force. The trees were budding, and trilliums were blooming on the forest floor, creating patches of white in the dappled shade. Wild roses lines clearings in the forest with their pink blossoms. Spring had finally arrived and today was moving day.

Roeder and I had spent the past four months together in his small cabin in the woods. It'd been glorious warming each other on cold winter nights, bathing together in front of the fire, making love, sometimes slow and sweet, sometimes needy and wanton, with my hedonistic, sexy, little satyr. Walking through the snow-covered forest on bright winter days was heaven, absolute heaven on earth.

I'd inherited the land from my grandfather along with the adjacent hunting cabin. Roeder and I'd spent much of the past four months converting it from a hunting retreat into a home for the two of us. Our new home was ready, spring had arrived, and today we were moving into what would be our new home.

These thoughts and many happy memories raced through my mind as I lay in bed next to a sleeping Roeder. The early morning sun had just started peeking through the windows of the small single-room cabin that had been our winter home. Roeder's warm body nestled against mine, his head resting on my shoulder, leg draped across mine, a warm hand nested between my thighs as he breathed softly against my neck while I held him close, reveling in the feel of his soft, smooth skin. Unfortunately, the past few days had been unsettling for Roeder. He doesn't take change very well and I could tell he'd been nervous and excited about the move. I was adding to this anxiety because I hadn't let him inside for the past month, so I was very grateful and relieved that Roeder was finally sleeping soundly.

Roeder and I had planned the changes to the hunting cabin together and we spent a lot of time working together to make some of the furniture for our new home, but there were some special surprises that I'd had added especially for Roeder and I didn't want him to see them. at least not yet. But as I lay in our bed, staring at the ceiling, I couldn't stop my mind from wondering if there wasn't something more. The past few weeks, Roeder had been quiet; not withdrawn, but sort of introspective. We'd never had difficulty talking to each other, so I was hoping he'd either work through what was bothering him or decide to tell me. One thing I'd decided was that I wasn't going to push him. Roeder had lived alone for a very long time and it could be that he just needed time to himself. God, I hoped that was it.

Roeder shifted on the bed, burrowing closer to me. The fire that warmed the cabin was still burning low and the cabin itself had become quite cool. Normally I'd get out of bed and build up the fire to warm the room, but I was too contented with Roeder curled up next to me to get up.

I must have drifted off to sleep again because the next thing I remember was Roeder trying to get out of bed.

"Oh no, you don't." I reached from under the covers and pulled Roeder back into bed.

"I need to build up the fire and make.." His feeble protests died as I pulled him on top of me and brought our lips together in a hot good-morning kiss. His words were replaced with soft moans and whimpers as my lips gently tugged and pulled on his while my hands stroked down his back in long, slow, fluid movements, cupping Roeder's smooth, warm, firm butt before traveling back along his spine to gently knead his shoulders.

Smiling and gently nuzzling his ear, I whispered, "Okay, now you can get out of bed."

Roeder chuckled softly. "I don't think so.." His hand stroked along the length of my now-rigid manhood and it took all of my control not to give in to Roeder's overtures. No matter how badly I wanted to.

"Love," I moaned softly into his ear. "Let's wait, let it build. I have a very special, sexy surprise for you."

Roeder kissed me again and reluctantly lifted himself off the bed and I watched that perfect bubble butt disappear into the bathroom. Sighing to myself, I threw back the covers, slipped into a heavy robe and slippers, and padded into the kitchen to make breakfast.

Thank god my kitchen skills have improved somewhat over the past few months, I thought and chuckled lightly to myself. Growing up, I never thought I'd ever be cooking, but I'd learned to cook. passably. and by the time Roeder stepped out of the bathroom, I'd managed to prepare a simple breakfast and had it on the table. Roeder slipped on his robe and joined me.

We ate in unusual silence and I was starting to worry. "Roeder, are you okay with this?"

He looked at me, appearing confused. "With what?"

"Moving." I took a bite of my eggs. "I want you to be happy." I reached across the table, my fingers grazing along his cheek. "I'll stay here with you forever if it would make you happy."

Roeder smiled and set down his fork. "Blayne.." Roeder took my hand in his. "I'm looking forward to moving into the hunting lodge. Why?"

"Well, you've been so quiet lately. I'm just a little worried that I pushed you into something you aren't ready for.." It was so unlike my satyr lover to be so quiet all the time. I bit my lip as I watched Roeder's face.

"Blayne, there've been a lot of changes lately and I just need to process them." He brought my hand, clasped in his, to his mouth and kissed it gently. "Please don't worry; it's just how I have to deal with things."

"Okay, I promise to try not to worry. but you know I will anyway."

Roeder rolled his eyes and his face lit with a smile. "I know. You always worry. It's one of the things I love about you." I scrunched my face. No one had ever loved that I worried about things before. "I know you worry about things because you love me." Roeder picked up his fork and continued eating his breakfast.

We'd finished out breakfast and cleaned up when a loud knock and a booming voice invaded the small cabin. "Are you decent?!"
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