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Excerpt Day: Under Pressure by B.A. Tortuga

Under Pressure by B.A. Tortuga
Release Date: Mar 25, 200
ISBN: 978-1-60370-661-2
ISBN (10): 1-60370-661-5
Publisher: Torquere Press
Publisher Link: http://www.torquerebooks.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=1866

Amazon: Under Pressure

Blurb: Sonny and MJ really want to think they're retired, but after an old enemy of MJ's blows up their boat, they know they have a lot of running to do. Still, there's no hostages around to cramp their style, and they have each other, so life is good. At least until Cowboy, an old friend of MJ's, looks them up. Cowboy brings a whole host of problems with him, including Duncan, a very interesting professor with surprising ties to MJ. When the boys decide to investigate Duncan's origins, it leads them back to their old allies, Paddy and Neil, who were pretty happy to say goodbye after their last adventure together. When Neil is kidnapped, though, Paddy knows he has to help MJ and Sonny to get help in return. Enemies are coming out of the woodwork, MJ doesn't know who to trust, and Sonny finds out a few things that shake him down to the very foundation of his life. Will the boys be able to survive this third installment of the Road Trip series? Other books in the Road Trip series include Racing the Moon and Steam and Sunshine.


He still wasn't sure if this was a good idea or not. He just wasn't. Still, if he didn't get a drink and get Sonny off the motherfucking boat, there might be a catastrophic incident. MJ did his best to avoid catastrophic incidents.


Well, sometimes.

Okay, lately.

At least today.

"You want the cabin in the back or on the end?" he asked Sonny, forcing himself to look calm, settled. Fucking easy in his fucking skin.

Goddamn islands.

Goddamn people building things and ruining the water table and native animal habitat...

"The back. It sits far enough away that we won't have to worry." Sonny was jittering like the man always accused him of doing, tapping one leg over and over.

"You stay out of the stash, man, or I'm knocking you out." He headed over to Joie, her smile shining in her dark face. "Dans le dos, s'il te plait."

"Oui. Oui." She held up two fingers. "Deux lit?"

He shrugged. One or two beds worked for them. Sonny wandered, just visible from the corner of his eye. The man looked like he might explode. Joie handed him the keys, giving Sonny a nervous glance or two.

"Il sera bon. Just fine. Don't worry." He handed over enough money to keep her quiet, but not so much she'd think on them. She smiled again for him, nodding and slipping away with the money, back up to her own little cabin. Sonny was bouncing on the balls of his feet, growling a little.

"In the back. Now." He grabbed the bags, growling right back. They needed a bed.

A bathtub.

Hopefully a lizard-free bathtub.

Putting his feet down hard, Sonny headed on back, schlepping one of the big duffels. The man was sore as a lion with a thorn in its damned paw, and MJ was getting a little sick of it. He watched Sonny walk, trying to decide if a coconut to the back of the head would help or hurt. Of course, he'd have to climb a tree to get a coconut, because there was no deadfall, and that would be way more effort than slamming Sonny's head against the cabin door a few times.

"You're not listening, are you?" Sonny growled, snapping him out of his pleasant daydream.

"Nope. I was admiring your backside."

"No. You were looking a lot higher. You try to hit me, and I'll tear your ass up and not in the good way." Those big hands opened and closed, Sonny staring at him, daring him.

"One, how the fuck would you know? Two, you won't tear my ass up, you enjoy it too much." He put the bags down. "And three, if you want to fight, you stubborn fucking redneck, quit being a pussy and bring it on."

"Pussy." The word was barely audible. The sound of Sonny's fist connecting with his chin was much louder.

At least they could finally get on with their day now.

MJ dropped down, swept Sonny's legs out from under him, the tall asshole going down with a very satisfying thud. Sonny fought dirty, though, kicking out at him, spinning so one booted foot connected with his knee. Fuck, that stung. He went down, elbow connecting with Sonny's stomach, sinking in a second before the abs contracted and pushed back. Really, they needed to eat before fighting.

Grunting, Sonny went absolutely limp, arms and legs flopping like a rag doll's. The man didn't even cuss. There was no way his blow had damaged Sonny that much. He rolled away, figuring that either Sonny'd passed out or that Sonny was waiting to pounce again. Either way, he'd need some space.

Those dark eyes opened, almost black, staring right at him. "Your heart's not in it, Precious. Is the romance gone?"

"Well, we've experienced kidnapping, explosions, and a beheading. Does that mean the honeymoon's over?"

Sonny rubbed his belly, fingers exploring right where MJ's elbow had hit. "I think I'm tired. Shit, Precious, I have this weird urge to apologize."

Man, the world was askew.

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