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Excerpt Day: Missing the Ocean by A.J. Wilde

Moment of Truth - Love changes everything 3: Missing the Ocean by A.J. Wilde
Release Date: Mar 28, 2009
Publisher: Torquere Press
Publisher Link: http://www.torquerebooks.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&manufacturers_id=15&products_id=1877

Blurb: As Gary Carson continues to struggle with the emotional fallout from his past, Dan tries to be not only a lover, but a friend. When the normally straight-laced Dan Mason's secret kink brings Gary's ex, Kim Resnick, back into their lives, Dan may end up regretting his actions. When Kim reveals her own secret to Gary, the realization spills over into anger against Dan. Dan has to face some hard choices and realize that his own selfishness may end up tearing him and Gary apart forever.


Dan had always known, of course, that Gary was bi. He'd had girlfriends before the start of his relationship with Dan -- most notably Kim Resnick, the daughter of one of the richest men in the city and a police cadet to boot -- and he'd never tried to pretend that he was gay. It was something that intrigued Dan more than he liked to let on.

Everyone has a dark side, and Dan Mason was no exception; his number one fantasy was to watch Gary with a girl. He'd tried a couple of times to turn this secret fetish of his into reality, but had struck out. Hardly surprising really -- although there were no shortage of willing girls in Toronto, most weren't exactly turned on by the thought of a one-night-stand with a bi guy and his gay lover. But as with most fantasies, the more Dan thought about it, the more he was determined to make it happen.

One night, it must have been about three months ago, they decided to try a new club. It was off the strip, a little quieter, and attached to a trendy boutique hotel. Gary had discovered they had a live music night for local indie bands, and so he was all over it like a dayglo shirt. Dan wasn't particularly into bands with names like `Dirt Factory´ and `Crackhead Theory´, but Gary wanted to go, so he decided to give it a whirl.

The place was called Cash, and it was really just an old bank that had been converted into a nightclub. The high vaulted ceilings made for awesome acoustics and Gary rambled on for half an hour about the state of the art digital sound system and high-definition video screens. Dan tuned Gary out as he got the drinks in: a couple of Coronas to start, and Tequila for the rest of the night. They weren't big drinkers normally, but Dan was stressed and horny and he wanted to get Gary in the mood early. He chugged his beer in five seconds flat and ordered another.

"Steady on, cowboy," said Gary, laughing. "I don't want to have to pour you into a cab again."

Dan pouted. "And when did you become my mother?"

They poked each other playfully, and chose a spot to set their drinks down and watch the band.

As the evening wore on the club grew more crowded, the dim lighting and steady throb of the music working its magic. Everyone was in a party mood, and Dan began to feel a little giddy. He wasn't shy about showing affection to Gary in places like this -- it was dark and anonymous enough, and the alcohol took the edge off his habitual safeguards. He nuzzled Gary's hair and whispered in his ear, "You okay, baby?"

Gary nodded and smiled lazily. Dan could see that Gary was plenty tipsy enough. Dan had been watching Gary's eyes straying to a girl who was sitting at the bar. She looked pretty, at least from the back -- long russet hair in a thick braid, slender waist, elegant legs. He kissed Gary's earlobe.

"You like her?" he murmured.

Gary sighed drunkenly and nodded. "Yeah. She reminds me," he added thickly, "reminds me of someone."

That was enough for Dan. "I'll be right back -- don't go anywhere." Gary swayed slightly on his stool as Dan made his way toward the bar.

"Hey," Dan said as he leaned casually on the polished oak counter.

"Hey yourself." The girl didn't even look at Dan, but twirled the straw in her drink.

"My friend over there likes you." Even Dan had to admit it was a lame line. But it was the truth.

"Does he now?" said the girl. She looked directly at Dan and he suddenly realized why she had looked so familiar from the back -- it was Kim Resnick, Gary´s ex-girlfriend who they had rescued from Gary´s father, Dean Carson. Dan couldn´t help but stare. He´d never really looked at Kim this closely before, but now he saw that she was incredibly beautiful. Just for that moment, Dan understood what Gary had seen in her.

"Uh," began Dan, a little lost for words. "Yeah. His name is Gary. I think you may remember him."

A wry smile crossed Kim´s face. She had a mischievous, mildly-amused smile that reminded Dan of Gary. "So uh," she imitated Dan, "Let me guess. You´re bored and you want a threesome, so you came over here to see if I was up for it."

Dan stared. Kim smirked at him.

"Well, yeah, if you put it like that!" Dan was slightly taken aback by Kim´s directness.

"Well, it depends on a couple of things," she continued. "First, is Gary into banging his former girlfriend?"

Dan grinned. "Well, he´s been staring at you all evening, so yes, I think so."

Kim smiled back. "Good. So the second thing is, do I get to stick around while you two get it on?"

Dan gaped. "How -- how did you know we, I mean..."

"How did I know he was your boyfriend? Ah, that´s a trade secret." Kim took a swig of her drink. "I´ve learned to figure things out for myself because no-one else is going to do it for me. Plus, there´s only so much you can keep under wraps, especially when my father is on the Police Services Board."

Dan was stunned, but excited. She was going to be the one to make his fantasy come true. But he had to be sure she wasn´t just kidding around.

"So, you´re up for it? I mean, to party with us? I mean not me, but Gary and -- stuff?" Dan was practically at a loss. Kim had the upper hand and she knew it.

"Yeah, for sure. As long as..." she trailed off and looked down into her drink.

"As long as?" Dan asked.

"As long as it´s not going to be just another pity fuck."
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