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Man Candy Day: Bryan Slater by Kim Hanson

I love all my Men Candy, but truth be told, I have my favorites, for different reason. Bryan Slater was not only among the first men candy I posted (http://elisa-rolle.livejournal.com/310496.html), but he has also a body that is a work of art. And he is really generous with it (no pun intended), means that many famous phographers of erotic art featured him in different shot, from the dungeon style to the pirate till the fantasy setting. And when a body like that is couple with a fine mind and a more than 40 years old man (and as he himself said "Who says you can't be sexy over 40?"), I know that many of my friends will enojy this man candy post.

Bryan Slater by RT Photography

When I first posted Bryan, he was quite a mystery; like many of the models for erotic art pictures, he was more a body than a name, and so I was glad when he wrote to me to thank all the people who left a comment on his post. And since we were nice with him (see, being nice always leads to other nice things...), Bryan promised me that as soon as he had new photos, he would allow me to publish some in exclusive. And he is a man of his word:


as promised, here are three exclusive preview photos from my recent shoot with photographer Kim Hanson. The full series will be posted on my blog tomorrow."
And more, he also gave me a little more info about him, so we can combine a face to the beautiful body ;-) In the last 12 months, Bryan Slater has worked with many talented photographers such as Walter Kurtz, Dylan Rosser, Kelly Grider, Steven Vaschon, Stanley Stellar, McKenzie James, Thomas Synnamon, Paul Reitz, and Brian Mills to name a few.

Bryan Slater by Kristopher Kelly

Bryan Slater by Dylan Rosser

Bryan Slater by Brian Leighton

Bryan Slater by JR Shot You

He has also completed 10 scenes for studios such as Dark Alley, Hot House, D/G Mutual Media, and Titan.

Never one to sit still for long, he would like to share a preview of his latest series of photos for the amazing Kim Hanson (http://www.kimhanson.net). On March 31st, be sure to check out the full series on Bryan's blog: http://www.bryanslaterxxx.com

Bryan Slater by Kim Hanson

Bryan Slater by Kim Hanson

Bryan Slater by Kim Hanson 

Bryan Slater by Kim Hanson

Bryan Slater by Kim Hanson - Preview of last series

Bryan Slater by Kim Hanson - Preview of last series

Bryan Slater by Kim Hanson - Preview of last series

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@Kim Hanson (No Work Safe)
@Dylan Rosser (No Work Safe)
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