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Around the World: Queen's Elm Square

When I'm walking around a city, I like to discover little place more than famous landmarks. Usually I avoid museum or must-seen tourist trap, and go in search of those little places that made the history and that now are almost forgotten, at least from the tourist path.

Queen's Elm Square is a Tudor private court and it's famous only since a legend said tha Queen Elizabeth I found shelter under the Elm that it's still in the center of the court. For this reason, even if it's a private court and so not open to visit, it's listed to the London Inventory of Historic Green Spaces.

by Elisa, Queen's Elm Square, London, 2001:

It's between Chelsea and Kensington, and really, it's no more than an half circle of green, but the joy I felt while searching for it was enough to leave me a beautiful memory. The photo is taken from behind the fence, so it's nothing special, only a way to fix the memory.
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